“Our Father’s Guns” New Series On Netflix has Started Production

Browning hi-Power
Browning hi-Power

ammoland-logoGold Point, Nevada-(Ammoland.com)- Film and television company REEL MAGIC PRODUCTIONS announced that its upcoming television series OUR FATHERS’ GUNS has begun production.

Slated to be aired on NETFLIX late in 2017, Our Fathers’ Guns is a pro-firearms series that is designed to entertain and educate the viewing audience.

Company President, Wm. Alan Pezzuto states, “Our Fathers’ Guns is a television series tracking the life and times of specific weapons.”

By specific, he means tracking a single, particular weapon. One example is a Springfield Model 1873 (trapdoor) manufactured during the first half of 1880 which found its way to Utah in time for the UTE WARS. It was then taken from a fallen cavalryman and later, as a highly prized possession, gifted during a potlatch to a northwest tribal member in exchange for a “good horse and a productive wife.”

Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor
Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor

We follow a Browning Hi-Power owned by an armed citizen who happened into a restaurant only to see a waiter laying on the ground dying and an assailant with a revolver to the head of a customer. In order to save both of those people, the others in the restaurant and his 12 year-old daughter and several of her teammates coming in behind him, he shoots and kills the assailant only to remember he has traveled 23 miles from home into a state that does not recognize his concealed weapons permit.

What happened to the weapon next?

When asked if the recent election of Mr. Trump as President had anything to do with the timing of the project Mr. Pezzuto stated, “While it definitely doesn’t hurt our position, no, this project has been in the works for some time.” Three years ago when Reel Magic Productions began Our Fathers’ Guns, they were attempting to raise a total of 1.5 million dollars to fund the 13 week television series/project that was met with more than a little resistance.

As the media spent every 6 o’clock news broadcast vilifying rifles, shotguns and hand guns as well as the people that owned them, those with firearms were either hiding in the shadows rather than being treated as a criminal, or explaining, and quite often arguing, that without firearms there would be no United States for them to be complaining about in the first place.

As the 2nd Amendment Foundation, NRA, television programing and movies were being blamed for the violence, many firearms owners were sitting on panels and in debates where the moderators didn’t understand the difference between a long gun and a handgun, let alone the difference between single and double action or semiautomatic and fully automatic.
Someone had to do something.

Over the past three years Reel Magic Productions has raised approximately 75% of the funding needed and are now ready to begin the project.

With the victory for both our nation, our Supreme Court and our 2nd Amendment rights in the form of President Trump, we have a ray of light towards getting the truth about “gun control” and firearms ownership out to the masses as well as educating more people to understand that ours in not a “gun culture” but rather a “culture of freedom” which the private ownership of firearms not only created but is helping to maintain.

Remarkably, in the past few months, NETFLIX and several other broadcasters have been willing to discuss the show with a more favorable attitude.

When asked how he anticipated raising the remaining 25% of the budget Pezzuto said, “Reel Magic just launched a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO.COM.”

We figure that by doing this we will be able to demonstrate to our broadcasters and critics that people really are interested and are willing to “put their money where their mouth is.” We appreciate every contribution. It doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $10,000, it helps to get us the numbers that let the broadcasters know that someone will watch the show and it helps us to educate while entertaining those who don’t fully appreciate why firearms have been essential in making America great.

Pezzuto went on to say that although they already have a number of specific weapons to be featured on the program, they are always looking for people with stories about their firearms and how they have helped or changed someone’s life.

To take advantage of the opportunity to contribute, please go to the following link.