Garbage Guns on “The Street”

By John Farnam

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Garbage Guns…
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( This from a friend who inventories evidence with a midwest PD:

“Today, I was doing evidence-room inventory.

With regard to guns, 22 rimfire pistols are seized from arrestees far more than any other gun. Handguns and rifles, it doesn’t matter. 22 rimfire tops the list! Conditions range from utterly neglected and barely functional, to non-functional.

Next most popular with idiots are 38Spl snubby revolvers, again mostly cheap, off-brand, rusted trash. Many are non-functional.

Anything in 45ACP, 40S&W, 357Sig, 9mm is very rare. The few we get are mostly those involved in suicides.

ARs, Kalashnikovs, XCRs, PTRs, FALs, etc we almost never see.”


I’m sure that last sentence comes as a real disappointment to liberal Democrats, who want to ban all guns (from everyone but themselves), but particularly “scary” ones.


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I love the .22 cal. When I qualified for my CC permit, I shot my Browning Challenger II in .22. An elderly man asked me, after I had shot, “Why did you want to put them all in the same hole?” We both just laughed.

Jim Macklin

In some states you can use any caliber you want to use for “the test.” Since aspirin tablet accuracy is not graded any better than dinner pl;ate on most CCW/CCH qualification tests, the one hole group is just a waste and so I chose a different course of action. I fired 230 grain 45 ACP hard ball into a salad plate sized group. 25 rounds in a total of less than 30 seconds [ not counting stage changes and cease fire commands. I figured a group of 1/4 chest size was better than one hole that might not be as… Read more »


Sounds like you don’t appreciate the accuracy of putting that many shots in one hole with a .22, which is harder to do since the hole they make is smaller. The Challenger II is a lot of fun to shoot, but newbies often get that double-bite from the slide. I think maybe it was my first handgun, and yeah, I got bit a few times myself. I think our CCL test more or less required a center-fire pistol, but maybe not. No one in my class shot a rimfire though. Probably the best score was a friend who used a… Read more »


This pic, I would BET, was NOT taken in this country. If it was, it was somewhere close to Mexico, most of these guns are hand made in a shack, garbage.


ALLOT of them are cheap, same manufacturer looking double barreled break open junk, there are a few single shot break opens too. A couple octagon barreled guns. Most look like hand made Pakistani, Taiwan, Philippine alley or garage type stuff.


I shoot pretty well with a 1911, but I shoot better with a glock. It’s all about practice and training.

Westerner Lt. Ret.

Rock, welcome to the club . Some take a lifetime to achieve enlightenment. I myself recently added a ruger 1911 LW commander to my battery and am extremely pleased with it! American made as are my kimbers! I had a chance to buy a glock 40 at a low price and passed on it for my ruger! No Glocks for me! Even if I have to save up for an American made pistol I do the right thing and proceed to do so! My last three handgun purchases have been 1911s and are all made in America by Americans,!! I… Read more »


LUV shooting my Glock 35 with .40 S&W barrel, 9mm barrel and .357 SIG barrel. Do THAT with a 1911!!! I DO own a Colt Gov’t Model Mark IV Series 80 .45 ACP and a Para-Ordinance Para Carry 12 .45 ACP LDA. YES, the Colt has a MUCH better trigger than the Glock and so does the PC12 but all 3 guns group equally well for me. ALSO, my Ruger 22/45 groups better than the other three: 1 inch 10 shot [email protected] yards! OF COURSE, the .22 has a Match-Dot sight and the other three are open iron sights!!! Eyes… Read more »

2nd Amender

“I hate cheap guns”, is something everyone knows about me.

e.g. Couple years ago I went to an indoor range with my nephew, a Marine.

He brought his Glock, 17 rd mags and shot up his 12 target, all hits, sort of “pray & spray pattern”.

I handed him my Kimber Super Carry Custom HD. He had never fired a 1911, and subsequently thought it would recoil tremondously, compared to his 9mm.

He fired 3 rounds at 15 yds and a shot a 2 inch group!!! Now, somebody tell me what happened there.


Zackley, I bought a SR1911 Ruger full size… My FIRST shots with it (first shots EVER with a 1911) using a full 8 shot mag of Remington 230 gr ball, was just under 2″ at 10 yards (no rest). I was instantly SOLD on the 1911. And YES, I own and fire Glocks, XD’s, S&W’s, etc.


I can tell you exactly what happened with this post, you’re prejudiced in favor of Kimber and against Glock. That took all of about 10 seconds to see. Also took about that long to see that, factually, your entire story is anecdotal, not factual and should be taken for what it is, an opinion, not researched fact that applies to any group or number.

2nd Amender

I’m guilty, guys!

I’m definitely prejudiced against plastic pistols! But, I do own and operate a S&W m&p compact, chambered in .357 sig, which is no longer available.
EDC=Kimber Ultra TLE


Well 2nd;
I’d say your nephew, a Marine in shooting his Glock was just enjoying popping off rounds; when you handed him your super expensive “Kimber Super Carry Custom HD” in a 1911 style he was much more careful with Uncle’s Expensive firearm and therefore acted to take time to AIM .
I can shoot the same groups with my reasonably priced Ruger SR9 and even better with my Ruger SS in 22LR, 9.5 inch barrel and a 1.3 scope.

Lloyd Dumas

22cal guns have killed more people in the U.S. than any other caliber because almost every household have one or two. They have been handed down from generation and passed down until they eventually reach the wrong hands or sometimes maybe the right hands. Most of us learned to shoot by plinking with a 22cal, ammo was cheap, note I said was cheap and they are just fun to shoot. I can remember when I could strick kitchen matches with one, it was my first real gun and I still have it. Most were sold by Sears or could be… Read more »


Almost every household? You’re not even close! 99% of all weapons in the US are owned by about 50% of the population. Only a very small portion of libturds own a firearm.

Jim Macklin

Small, local gangs often have guns they keep under a bush in the park, available for the members when they want bto rob a liquor store. The guns are on public property, left loaded and are not safe but they are not evidence found in the home when the inevitable arrest is made. But some criminals do have fully functional guns, so don’t assume that a criminal threatening armed robbery isn’t capable of killing you. Most “crime guns” are cheap junk, but you can’t count on that. Carry your well maintained and 100% functional gun and be prepared to use… Read more »

Old 1811

When the Superintendent of the Pennsylvania State Police was going to testify before Congress to shill for Clinton’s Assault Weapon Ban in 1994, he wanted an AK-47 to wave around, so he ordered his minions to get one from the evidence vault. They didn’t have any; none had been recovered anywhere in Pennsylvania by PSP. So he had someone go to a gun store and buy one, so he could claim AKs were the crime weapon of choice.


Do you know if the Superintendent was under oath when testifying?