Harrington Man Arrested for Deer Hunting, Firearms Violations

Randy T Combs
Randy T Combs
Delaware Natural Resources Police
Delaware Natural Resources Police

DOVER, Del. -(Ammoland.com)- Following an investigation, DNREC Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police arrested a Harrington man Feb. 6 for deer hunting violations and multiple charges related to possession of firearms and ammunition by a person prohibited.

Randy T. Combs, 37, was charged with two counts of possession of an unlawfully-taken antlerless deer, 30 counts of possession of a firearm by a person prohibited and one count of possession of ammunition by a person prohibited.

During execution of a search warrant, officers located and seized as evidence 29 firearms (two AR-15s, one AK-47, seven shotguns, eight rifles, one muzzleloader and 10 handguns), a compound bow and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Combs was arraigned in Kent County Justice of the Peace Court 7 in Dover and released on $3,300 unsecured bond pending a court appearance at a later date.

Delaware law prohibits persons whose criminal and legal history includes prior felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions associated with violent crimes, drug convictions and mental conditions as defined under the law or court-issued protection from abuse orders from owning or possessing any type of deadly weapon.

Combs Search Warrant Photo
Combs Search Warrant Photo

Deadly weapons consist of all types of firearms, as well as ammunition and any type of bow – compound, recurve or crossbow.

“Any deer taken by a person under this prohibition is considered an illegal take, and that person is subject to arrest, with penalties for violations ranging from probation and fines to jail sentences,” said Sgt. John McDerby of Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police.

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife recognizes and thanks the majority of anglers, hunters and boaters who comply with and support Delaware’s fishing, hunting and boating laws and regulations.

Citizens are encouraged to report fish, wildlife and boating violations to the Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police by calling 302-739-4580. Wildlife violations may also be reported anonymously to Operation Game Theft by calling 800-292-3030 or online.

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sounds to me like a deadlyweapon can be anything if they want it to be a baseball bat can be pretty deadly so what can he own that is not capable of being deadly

2nd Amender

Was he hungry?

“an unlawfully taken antlerless deer”.

sounds more like someone was hunting Randy in this story line!

Dave in Fairfax

I was more amused by the comment of “thousands of rounds of ammunition”. I was taught that you should ALWAYS have 1000 rounds per weapon, not caliber, before any could be used. If he had 29 firearms, he should have had in excess of 29,000 rounds. “Thousands of rounds of ammunition” is intended to scare non-gun owners, rather than to be informative. It could have been written as, ” a wholly inadequate ammunition supply, given the number of weapons found on the premises.” That wouldn’t have had the same shock appeal, though.


Also why can’t he use a spear or a bow/crossbow?


Legaly I mean.


Was he issued a hunting license? IF he was, this is called ENTRAPMENT. What were his felonius past? NOTHING was stated other than he was a felon. Therefore, the State has infringed on his Second Amendment.


I don’t think that a person just having a felony unless a proven violent offender should lose there right to bare arms


The 2nd amendment says nothing about felons. We don’t even know what his past “crimes” were. I bet they feel real special stealing another person’s private property. But it’s ok cause they said he’s a bad guy and it was “Dangerous Weapons” “GUNS” OMG!.. He had an ar15 and an ak and rifles. As if ar’s and ak’s are not rifles.