Hearing Protection Act Reaches 100 Cosponsors In House

Hearing Protection Act
Hearing Protection Act Reaches 100 Cosponsors In House
American Suppressor Association
American Suppressor Association

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Thirty-seven days after introduction, the Hearing Protection Act (H.R. 367) reached a symbolic milestone in the House of Representatives when Rep. Drew Ferguson (GA-03) signed on as the 100thcosponsor.

Introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC-03) and Rep. John Carter (TX-31), this historic piece of legislation will remove suppressors from the purview of the National Firearms Act (NFA), replacing the antiquated federal transfer process with an instantaneous NICS background check. The Senate companion bill, S. 59, which was introduced by Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID), currently has 7 cosponsors.

One of the reasons why the Hearing Protection Act is garnering so much support in Congress is because legislators have been hearing from their constituents. Since the HPA was originally introduced in 2015, over 135,000 emails have been sent directly to legislators from the system found at www.HearingProtectionAct.com.

Although it may seem insignificant, every email that is sent and every call that is made in support of the bill is a step in the right direction. If you have not contacted your legislators in the new Congress, please do so today.

“Reaching 100 cosponsors in the House clearly shows that the HPA has a tremendous amount of support, but there is still a lot of work to be done to get it to the President’s desk,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association.

“We are working very hard with Representatives Duncan and Carter, and Senator Crapo to turn this legislation into law as quickly as possible; however, it’s going to take time. As we continue our push to move this bill through the legislative process, we commend the 109 legislators in the House and Senate who have signed on in support of this common sense legislation to make the recreational shooting and hunting experiences safer for generations to come.”

The Hearing Protection Act will fix the flawed federal treatment of suppressors, making it easier for hunters and sportsmen to protect their hearing in the 42 states where private suppressor ownership is currently legal, and the 40 states where hunting with a suppressor is legal. This legislation will remove suppressors from the onerous requirements of the NFA, and instead require purchasers to pass an instant NICS check, the same background check that is used during the sale of long guns. In doing so, law-abiding citizens will remain free to purchase suppressors, while prohibited persons will continue to be barred from purchasing or possessing these accessories.

Suppressors have been federally regulated since the passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934. Currently, prospective buyers must send in a Form 4 application to the ATF, pay a $200 transfer tax per suppressor, undergo the same background check process that is required to purchase a machine gun, and wait months for the ATF to process and approve the paperwork. In stark contrast, many countries in Europe place no regulations on their purchase, possession, or use.

Hearing Protection Act Reaches 100 Cosponsors In House
Hearing Protection Act Reaches 100 Cosponsors In House


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Boyd Bivens

Will a permitted person be able to build his own suppressor the same as building your own rifle?


Cuck Falifornia!

Resistance is futile

We need to educate non gun owners as the media and educational institutions are reeducating people into believing that all anti gun laws are common sense. We need to spread the truth with constant honest facts. We may not see the fruits of this immediately but be constant like those that oppose us.


Jim S — good luck with buying a suppressor in CA, buddy! I, too, live in the People’s Republic of California — where the legislature is completely off its collective rocker and thinks it needs to control *everything*, down to what socks we wear every day. It’s amazing that one can still buy a set of kitchen knives (or a car) here. As you know, CA passed some of (if not *the*) most draconian gun-[owner-]control laws in the county in 2016 … all AR’s and AK’s are banned, you’ll need a $50 permit to buy ammo, every ammo purchase will… Read more »


I sure wish I could get all the tax stamp money back that I laid out out for silencers and SBR’s since 2010 ! There is really no point in having a NFA Trust right now. Passport photos,fingerprints,etc. defeats It’s purpose.

Glenn DeVolder

I have to agree with you Jim S, BUTT don’t forget the Communist States of “OREGON” & “WASHINGTON”. Those states would like to do away with “ALL GUNS(Even kids’ toy guns & Air guns)” I use-ta live in both of those states, so I know what I am SAYING. PLEASE BACK ALL REPUBLICANS AN THIS MATTER.

Jim S

IF this passes you can expect suppressors to be more expensive for awhile as people go buy them, then prices will come back down. Even though Im stuck in the socialist state of Kalifornia, I may get me some too. Of course they will stay with family in free states.


Virginian Rob Wittman, YES!