HIVIZ Introduces LITEWAVE Front and Rear Sights for Ruger American Pistols

HIVIZ Introduces LITEWAVE Front and Rear Sights for Ruger American Pistols
HIVIZ Introduces LITEWAVE Front and Rear Sights for Ruger American Pistols
HiViz Shooting Systems
HiViz Shooting Systems

LARAMIE, WY-( HIVIZ Shooting Systems is now offering their innovative LITEWAVE technology in a front and rear sight design for Ruger American pistols, providing an extremely bright and durable sight picture for these widely popular handguns.

The light-gathering LITEWAVE sights fit all full size and compact Ruger American pistols. LITEWAVE handgun sights feature a carefully engineered, state-of-the-art exoskeleton created to hold up in the most intense shooting environments and offer quick draw from concealment with no snagging or breaking.

Along with heavy-duty reliability, LITEWAVE sights also feature the patented HIVIZ interchangeable LitePipe system to quickly and easily change the sight color for a custom sight picture that works best for you. The front sight includes green, red and white replaceable LitePipes, while the rear sight includes green, red and black replaceable LitePipes. The unique light-gathering LitePipes are brightly visible in nearly any light condition.

Ask for part number RGALW01 (front sight) and RGALW11 (rear sight) at your local sporting goods retailer or find the new Ruger American Pistol LITEWAVE Sights at Recommended retail price is $41.95 (front) and $55.95 (rear).

About HIVIZ Sporting Systems

HIVIZ Shooting Systems manufactures light-gathering fiber optic sights, tritium sights, painted epoxy sights, recoil pads, and accessories for the shooting industry. For more information, visit or contact Lori Yunker at [email protected]

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I’ve got two PC Shields in 9MM with the Hi-Viz sights. When I got the guns the sights provided a WOW factor for brightness and easy acquisition. But the guns now have about 600 rounds through each of them and the front sight, which was green, now almost looks white and definitely no longer has that “oh, I see it” factor. I’ve written to S&W and am waiting to see how they address the issue. The only thing I can think of is that the lite pipes in the front are being affected by the ported barrel and the hot… Read more »