Holding Out For Hope May Get You Killed ~ Self Defense VIDEOS

Gun Talk Radio Tom Gresham
Gun Talk Radio Tom Gresham

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-  Waiting for someone else to help can get you hurt … or killed.

Would you believe a two-hour police response to a home invasion? You can find the story (video above) about how that happened here.

Sure, something got screwed up with the police, and they usually do a much better job, but the point is that it's just foolish to depend upon others for your safety.

I recently read a training article from a career cop which may help get your mind in the right place. Chelley Seibert, a former Officer of the Year, was quoted in the Force Science Institute newsletter (highly recommended). This part paints the picture of just how evil some people are, and may help you recalibrate your idea of how a home invasion can go.

“Imagine a horrific homicide scene with a partial body on the living room floor, the severed head on display as a lamp shade, random body parts nail-gunned to the wall …”

Now, tell me again why you don't wear a gun at home. Even if it's just a tiny pocket pistol — it's something. And it may allow you to fight your way to a bigger gun.

If this story teaches us anything, it is to maintain the attitude that you are the last line of defense. Hoping that someone will come to help can result in disaster.

Stop depending on others to do your safety. Create an action plan, share it with your family, and practice it with everyone. It's not over the top to practice clearing the house on a weekly basis or stays vigilant as you're walking through a parking lot.

And be sure to talk with your family about safety and the possible need for quick action. ~ Tom

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