Knight & Hale’s Sneeze Wheeze Call: Kill ‘Em With Calmness

The Sneeze Wheeze replicates a calming, “Come on in—the food is great” sound.
The Sneeze Wheeze replicates a calming, “Come on in—the food is great” sound.
Knight & Hale Game Calls
Knight & Hale Game Calls

Birmingham, AL-( Knight and Hale Game Calls, a legendary call brand known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, has created the first-of-its-kind Sneeze Wheeze, which replicated the sound of a deer sneezing while they eat—and doubles a snort-wheeze call.

The Sneeze Wheeze replicates a calming, “Come on in—the food is great” sound, and it also doubles as a snort-wheeze call, creating the loudest replicated snort-wheeze call available hardcore whitetail hunters.

Deer get dust in their noses when they feed in green fields and agricultural crop fields, causing them to sneeze. This natural sneeze is a comforting sound to even the wariest deer that are reluctant to be the first to enter the field. The Sneeze Wheeze creates this natural sneezing sound that’s ideal for early and late season applications while hunting over food sources. In addition, the Sneeze Wheeze doubles as a snort-wheeze call, producing the loud and aggressive sounds of a mature buck that will bring in other bucks for a look when nothing else seems to work—which is perfect for use during all phases of the rut.

The Sneeze Wheeze utilizes multiple rounded air chambers that create a loud, natural and wet sound. The design of it makes it the perfect fit for your hand and pocket, and its diversity makes it relevant during all phases of the whitetail season.

The Sneeze Wheeze is a very unique call in the Knight and Hale line, in terms of both its looks and its purpose. As the brainchild of T-bone Turner, the Sneeze Wheeze is part of the Bone Collector family of products.

Sneeze Wheeze Highlighted Features:

  • Built in collaboration with the Bone Collector Team
  • Small, lightweight and easily packable
  • Loudest snort-wheeze call on the market
  • Natural sound that makes bucks feel calm and comfortable

The MSRP for the Sneeze Wheeze is $9.99.

About Knight & Hale Game Calls

With a product line that includes turkey, waterfowl, deer, predator, small game and big game, Knight & Hale calls have been in every corner of North America. Likewise, numerous world champion callers have been crowned with the help of a Knight & Hale call. Whether it’s a friction call or bugle—or it produces a grunt or a yelp—every Knight & Hale call comes with real hunting experience, as if it’s molded into the construction. It’s those practical insights that guide product development … and hunter success.