Maryland Approves The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow For Deer Hunting

Maryland Approves The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow For Deer Hunting
Maryland Approves The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow For Deer Hunting
Maryland Department of Natural Resources

BLOOMFIELD, N.Y. -( The Maryland Department of Natural Resources confirmed that the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow has been approved for use in the firearms season for whitetail and sika deer.

The Maryland firearms season typically runs for two weeks beginning the Saturday after Thanksgiving and for three days in January and will allow hunters to choose to hunt with an exciting new tool, the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.

Maryland joins a growing list of states allowing for the use of the Airbow during their hunting seasons. Arizona, Missouri, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington State allow big game animals to be legally taken with the Airbow.

Feral hogs can be taken in Georgia, Florida and Texas while coyotes and other predators may be hunted with the Airbow in over 30 states. Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina allow the Airbow to be used for alligator hunting.

Crosman Corporation Communications Manager Jason Reid says, “We are very pleased to learn the state of Maryland has approved the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow for use in the general firearms season for big game like whitetail and sitka deer. The Airbow will provide expanded opportunities for hunters across the state to ethically harvest game this fall.”

The Pioneer Airbow is an all-new category of big game weapon featuring full length arrows and full weight broadheads, all driven by air.

Based on Benjamin’s proven American-made PCP platform, the Pioneer can be cocked with two fingers (and decocked just as easily), and fires 8 shots in the same amount of time it takes to fire three from a crossbow, all at a blazing 450 FPS.

The Pioneer Airbow enhances everything enthusiasts enjoy about archery hunting while making the sport safer and more accessible.

“Crosman Corporation is actively working with states across the U.S. to educate them on the efficacy and safety advantages of the Airbow, and we look forward to more states expanding access to this revolutionary hybrid hunting weapon,” says Reid.

Hunters interested in learning more about the Airbow can go to their website or by visiting your local to Cabela’s store to try the Airbow in-person in their shooting range.


About Crosman Corporation:

The Crosman Corporation roots began with a simple, yet powerful, credo of quality and innovation. From its inception, Crosman’s principal products have served the shooting sports, primarily air guns and air gun ammunition. Today, Crosman has a diversified product lineup that includes Crosman, Benjamin, and Remington Air Guns as well as the CenterPoint Optics and Archery brands.

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Steven, Waslla, Alaska
Steven, Waslla, Alaska
2 years ago

Would like to see it approved for archery season as well. Much better accuracy. Fewer wounded animals, getting lost and unrecovered during archery season. Also many hunters don’t have the upper body strength to hold a regular bow at full draw. This is a much better solution. Very cool idea and design, would like to see it main stream in the sporting community.