Michael Moore: We Will Counter Your Resistance


USA – -(Ammoland.com) – NRATV gains momentum leading up to NRA CEO and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s Friday CPAC appearance with the release of a new video. His speech is set to be the launch pad for the NRA’s counter resistance—a response to the anti-Trump anarchy fueled by liberal Hollywood heavyweights like filmmaker Michael Moore.

“Donald Trump will need every ounce of energy we can muster,” LaPierre said in his commentary. “And he has no more powerful ally than the NRA.”

Moore launched a “resistance calendar” Sunday which he described in a tweet as a “one-stop site for all anti-Trump actions EVERY DAY nationwide.”

In the video, Moore destroys a newspaper with the headline “Trump Takes Power” after telling a crowd, “We are here to vow to end the Trump carnage.”

Wayne LaPierre’s speech will air live this Friday at 1 p.m. ET on NRATV.com. Share the video above using #CounterResistance

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    1. Well gun people it is time we send Hollyweed a message. We will not tolerate idiots like M. Moore telling us what we can or can not do. I have lost so much respected for so many Hollyweed actor and actress that is not funny. I like to go to movies but I am very chosey who I do see. I will boycott moore, goldberg, neason or how ever you spell the damn thing. They have made so much money off of our backs and then turn around to us the people how we should live. They are idiots and the one who has made the statement we will leave the country if Mr. Trump becomes president, well boys and girls it is now President Trump and why the hell have you not left the damn country.

    2. And we get the idea “joe” (Who or whatever he really is) is a liberal left winger Hillary supporter trolling on this forum.

    3. I am all for 2nd Amendment Rights, however Trump is the worst thing that could happen to this country. Trump only cares about Trump and his businesses. He caters to the elite and rich. He is not what America needs.

        1. My source is Trump. Also, just for the record I’m not a Hillary supporter. I just want what’s best for America and it’s not Trump. I didn’t like either one of them. Although I do like Pence.

          1. Your source is Trump? He has made those statements? He has stated he caters to the rich and only cares about his business? I recall him stating “make America great, again”. Where have you heard him make the statements you claim? Can you cite references that support your claims?

      1. Say it ain’t so Joe, Trump the worst thing that could happen to this country? Worse than the War Between the States, worse than the Ebola outbreak in Reston, Va in 1989? Really. I think that you need to get a grip on history or your history priorities, one or the other.

      2. Why in God’s good name would a man who is a self-made success, living like a king, even bother with making America great again when his life is already secure and comfortable? Does he have something else to gain by attempting the near impossible of putting our country back on the right track? Why is he willing to put his wife and children up for public ridicule so that ignorant people can take potshots at them and distribute as many lies as possible to denigrate and devalue them? Why has he made himself the highest possible target as far as reputation and safety? That takes some cojones and he should be admired for it! Most of our politicians enter their “public service” at a net worth that is several times higher in magnitude when they leave (if they ever leave) office. The Clintons turned that into an art form. The only thing that really defeated them was their own sense of invincibility. Donald Trump is taking on all the bad things about our country — and he has nothing to gain from it other than the sense of satisfaction of doing the right thing.

        1. Scott, You hit the nail on the head. The first true “outsider” , from the private sector. Non-politician, no military background, just a keen business sense with an undeniable desire to “Make America Great!” We should all Pray that President Trump is exceedingly successful in his noble cause.

    4. The only carnage that idiot does is to a bucket of KFC. I’m going to dance when the big heart attack takes him. Moron.

    5. There absolutely was: George W. Bush was met with the same hatred, the same claims of fascism/Hitlerism (despite the fact that Hitler was a socialist; it was Mussolini who was the fascist).
      Even the same claims of voter fraud (it even went to the SCOTUS).
      Yes, the same dems who claimed that Trump’s failure to say he would unconditionally accept the results of the election was un-American, failed to accept the results of the election.

    6. As the American Left normalizes such behavior, they shouldn’t be surprised if it comes back to bite them, should they?
      I remember being told, during Bush’s presidency, that it was patriotic to question, the president’s policies. Then, under Obama, those same people told us it was racist to do so. Now, it’s patriotic again. Relativism at its best.

    7. I met Michael Moore at the Pritikin Center in Adventura Florida a few years ago. The Pritikin Center is for highly stressed/overweight people need to learn how to eat properly and exercise again. Funny how retirement allowed me to drop 80 lbs. Michael refused to join any of the group activities or even have meals with us for the week that I was there. I actually went out of my way to meet him one night when I saw him heading to the gym later in the evening when he could be alone. He was pleasant one-on-one but I got the distinct impression that he was not trying to create waves of any kind, possibly because he had been shouted at whenever he showed his face. It was not a friendly atmosphere for him, he carried himself like a sick/defeated man, and the main impression I got was that he was a scared little boy. He must suck it up for the cameras because his persona strongly suggests that he is a weak person, Of course he is a capitalist of the highest magnitude, representing himself as the common man while he rotates between his nine homes (prior to his divorce). Typicald democratic hypocrite.

    8. I am not a student of history so I have a question: Has there ever been a time where a political party has thrown such a temper tantrum over losing an election? This is either in the US or in other countries and what were the results?

      1. I have never read nor seen this level of hatred and violence after a legitimate election ever before, not even after Nixon, nor the second election of George Bush.

        This level of nastiness is unbelievable. Look at what happened recently at Berkeley when they didn’t want that person to speak at their school. Destruction of public and private property and attacking the police. They got what they wanted though, he guy didn’t speak. That is one method from a Hitler quote, any means necessity, including violence. And they claim Trump is a Nazi.

      1. Not likely, I don’t recall those that opposed 0bama rioting, etc. Most likely when another Democrat eventually becomes president, we will behave in accordance with our morals and ethics, and not become violent and destroy public and private property, unlike those opposed to Trump did and still do.

    9. Leftist urban thugs and fools fail to realize the terrain on which they are deployed . Their food ,water,fuel,and power are all mostly come from territory that’s now openly hostile to them. And Police and Military ,by and large Despise them and their agenda. Not a real good way to start a revolution .

      1. Plus the anti-Trumpers fail to realize that in order to tap into ANY supply line or resource demands,, “WORK”! A concept the majority have a problem rationalizing with.

      2. @Thom Paine, I have not heard of anyone refusing to sell the various Soros funded groups food, fuel, or any other materiel that they use in their anti-American efforts. Maybe we should sell them their logistics at a premium!

    10. Unreal, these losers believe treason, sedition, anarchy, rioting, and other forms of violence are legitimate methods in our Republic to oppose a president they didn’t vote for, and claim those that believe in patriotism and America First are the ones that are anti-American. Sadly, too, they claim that it is the latter group that is the cause of the strife and violence in the USA. Ironically, it is they who are anti-gun, and denigrate gun owners, but are also wanting a rebellion/revolution, believing that those with the weapons will fight for them.

      As bad as the last eight years were for the rest of us, these hate-mongers appear to be in for a much worse time.

      1. At the age of 83, old, feeble and wobbly, If I were to ever be so lucky as to come face to face with Michael Moore, I would teach him Woodshed Lessons that obviously his own Father forgot to teach him as a child. Irregardless of his dozen or so armed body guards.

        1. LOL Get after him B Dalton! I love to see you with a willow switch making him dance..lol That guy is such an idiot.

          1. Are you kidding he makes an idiot look smart, mm is much lower down the chain, mm is more like a slug or maybe even a toxic parasite.

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