NRATV Responds to New York Times Truth Ad


USA – -( – NRATV fired back at the New York Times’ newfound quest for “truth” with the release of a new video Monday. NYT premiered its first ad campaign in a decade during the Oscars broadcast. The commercial was the failing publication’s last attempt to stifle Americans’ increasing lack of trust in the mainstream media.

“The truth is hard … The truth is hard to find … The truth is hard to know … The truth is more important now than ever,” the Times’ piece read. NRATV’s response sent a different message: Where was the New York Times’ pursuit of the “truth” during the previous administration?

NRATV’s first line reads: “The New York Times placed an ad during the Oscars to tell us that truth is more important now. But why now?” It is then precluded with rapid-fire statements: “… Wasn’t it important when people were marching … When jobs were declining … When threats were growing … When drugs were flowing … When diplomacy was straining … When policies were failing … When towns were collapsing … When red lines were vanishing … When Obama was lying … When journalists were dying … When Christians were dying … When heroes were dying … When citizens were dying?”

The ad continues: “The truth is that the truth didn't matter to The New York Times then as much as now—because as long as liberals were ‘progressing,’ the truth was depressing.”
“America has stopped looking to The New York Times for the truth now more than ever,” NRATV concludes. “The Times are burning … and the media elites have been caught holding the match.

“Now, they want your trust?”

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    1. Hate to admit: Feel even though unintended the lame stream media may have helped by lulling hitlery into a false sense of security and helping to turn out the vote for Trump.

    2. American citizens have fail our county by allowing so called journalist to use freedom of the press to promote their own freedom of speech as actual news. News is news, not an opinion. Same with public schools. Teachers should not be allowed to teach and promote their personal political views, Fact is we as a common people do not hold accountable. Weather it is a politician, the local small business, schools, community leaders, police. We certainly do not hold accountable the protesters that cost tax payers millions of dollars by doing damage or violence. Their used to be a cost for doing bad things, not anymore.

      1. No one has interfered more with this election than a press who gave a candidate for Presidency of The United States (Hillary) questions before a nationally televised presidential debate. It’s wasn’t the Russians, it was liberals!

      2. It’s come to a point where most liberal arts majors at “liberal” colleges probably would not be able to pass a citizenship class and know less about our Constitution than most naturalized citizens. I think those degrees should also require at least that basic level of knowledge about the Constitution. They are not being trained to be useful and productive citizens, but merely useful idiots.

        1. @Ricochet 007, I don’t know the questions on the citizenship test are pretty easy. I remember one was “How many stripes are there on the U.S. flag.”

    3. Dear E G SECOND Amendment supporter,
      Are you really so naïve that you believe that only Democratic politicians have failed the American people?
      Were you not on this planet from 2000 through 2008 when Bush and Cheney lied us into an unnecessary and illegal war in Iraq?
      The sad fact of the matter is, when it comes to politicians, most are whores – Democrat or Republican – with no respect for the citizens of this country or the Constitution they swore to protect and uphold.
      If you think simply eliminating Democratic politicians is going to turn this country into the Garden of Eden you are sadly mistaken.
      I wish it were that easy. Time to dump both parties and become Independent.

      1. ‘Unnecessary and illegal war in Iraq’? According to you? Certainly not according to the folks who lived in Iraq. How old are you, twelve? P.S. Voting for an independent candidate is throwing your vote into the trash.

    4. NRATV’s first line reads: “The New York Times placed an ad during the Oscars to tell us that truth is more important now. But why now?” It is then precluded with rapid-fire statements: “… Wasn’t it important when people were marching … When jobs were declining … When threats were growing … When drugs were flowing … When diplomacy was straining … When policies were failing … When towns were collapsing … When red lines were vanishing … When Obama was lying … When journalists were dying … When Christians were dying … When heroes were dying … When citizens were dying?”

      Where was all this concern for the truth during the Bush/ Cheney administration after they lie this into a needless and illegal war in Iraq?

      1. Chuckie the liberal knee jerk moron spews again.
        Still got your head up the south end of a north bound donkey I see and unfortunately the space between the ears packed with donkey dung stupidity. Usual liberal moron and idiot back to “blame Bush” syndrome of idiocy. What’s next chuckie, gonna trot out the RACIST card if we blame obama the Islamic Muslim slime?

    5. Its time to send the new york times to the unemployment line. See ya bub by and take holywierd with them. And The reps do not get it either can you reps say midterms because we are going to finish cleaning house. And the thing is they dont get it.

    6. Idaho –-( A new year, the same old tactics. Chairman Tom Loertscher (R-32), of the House State Affairs Committee, is once again blocking pro-gun bills.

      Chairman Loertscher, who appears to do whatever the Secret Gun Committee tells him to do, is up to his old tricks.

      Read more:
      Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
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      I will have to admit that I am absolutely amazed that AmmoLand actually outed a Republican, a Conservative, instead of simply demonizing the liberals.
      Color me astonished.

    7. Where was your concern for the truth, where was the NRA’s concern for the truth when the Bush /Cheney administration lied us into an unnecessary and illegal war in Iraq?
      Where was your concern for the truth when Wall Street’s depredations lead to a global financial meltdown in 2008?
      Where was your concern for the truth when the Pentagon was revealed to have lost over $1 billion cash money in Iraq?
      Where is your concern for the truth anytime a Republican or or so-called Conservative gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar?
      Why is it that there is never any wrong doing except at the hand of a Democrat or Liberal?
      The answer to all of the above is that finding honesty in a Conservative or Republican is as difficult as finding oxygen in outer space.
      The answer to the above is that Conservatives are simply lacking in the moral courage to admit their own fallibility.
      Unless of course, you can prove that simply being a Conservative or a Republican makes a person more honest than God and more perfect than Jesus.

        1. Really, I mean to believe Bush was behind the war in Iraq is like saying Africa was behind 9/11, so many lies and misinformation continues to be spread. The weak mined believe what has been spoon fed by the media. And lets look at who’s officials Bush was getting his information and advice from before going to war? Were they not from the Clinton administration? Why didn’t Clinton respond to warnings of 9/11, did the Democrats secretly want war with Iraq? Of course they did. And they continue to spend misinformation, the truth is hard to find, but it will set you free!

          1. I’m George Washington and I cannot tell a lie .
            I’m George W. Bush and I cannot tell the truth.

            George W. Bush didn’t just lie about the Iraq War. What he did was much worse.
            Paul Waldman

            May 20, 2015

            None of the conservatives running for president want to be associated with the last Republican president — not even his brother (for whom stepping away is rather complicated). After all, George W. Bush left office with an approval rating hovering in the low 30s, and his grandest project was the gigantic catastrophe of the Iraq War, which we’re still dealing with and still debating. If you’re a Republican right now you’re no doubt wishing we could talk about something else, but failing that, you’d like the issue framed in a particular way: The war was an honest mistake, nobody lied to the public, and anything bad that’s happening now is Barack Obama’s fault.

            For the moment I want to focus on the part about the lies. I’ve found over the years that conservatives who supported the war get particularly angry at the assertion that Bush lied us into war. No, they’ll insist, it wasn’t his fault: There was mistaken intelligence, he took that intelligence in good faith, and presented what he believed to be true at the time. It’s the George Costanza defense: It’s not a lie if you believe it.

            Here’s the problem, though. It might be possible, with some incredibly narrow definition of the word “lie,” to say that Bush told only a few outright lies on Iraq. Most of what he said in order to sell the public on the war could be said to have some basis in something somebody thought or something somebody alleged (Bush was slightly more careful than Dick Cheney, who lied without hesitation or remorse). But if we reduce the question of Bush’s guilt and responsibility to how many lies we can count, we miss the bigger picture.

            What the Bush administration launched in 2002 and 2003 may have been the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and misleading campaign of government propaganda in American history. Spend too much time in the weeds, and you risk missing the hysterical tenor of the whole campaign.

            That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of weeds. In 2008, the Center for Public Integrity completed a project in which they went over the public statements by eight top Bush administration officials on the topic of Iraq, and found that no fewer than 935 were false, including 260 statements by President Bush himself. But the theory on which the White House operated was that whether or not you could fool all of the people some of the time, you could certainly scare them out of their wits. That’s what was truly diabolical about their campaign.

        2. Yeah right Bush Cheney Rumsfeld, the war in Iraq none of that ever happened. Battle took place somewhere over the rainbow with Judy Garland the cowardly lion the tin Man and the wicked witch. You must be one of those conservatives he thinks that because you call yourself a conservative you are more perfect than God and better than Jesus. Try reading a history book or anything besides a comic book.

          1. Hey chuckie; Are you that stupid puppet? Guess what, RIC was 100% correct and then you DO need to face the facts that Clinton invaded many countries during his time getting blow jobs in the white house and most were failures. Also FACE THE FACT that ALL the dimocraps in Congress VOTED in favor of the Iraq invasion.
            Try pulling your head out of the donkeys rear end, breath some fresh air and avoid the “history” fiction written by left winger / Communist professors.

            1. Take Nixon in the deepest days of his Watergate paranoia, subtract 50 IQ points, add Twitter, and you have Trump today.
              I didn’t say that I wish to God I had .
              Couldn’t be more right

          2. Iraq had agreed to provide proof they’d destroyed their illegal weapons (chemical, mass destruction), and short of doing that you can’t assume they did anything except hide them better. That’s what got us back into Iraq. The lame stream media conveniently forgot that little fact and kept harping that Bush didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction or chemical weapons. In truth, our military did find such items and destroyed them, and the lame stream media never reported that either. The lame stream media lost all credibility be not doing their jobs. Should they report on wrong-doing by one side of the political spectrum and ignore the same from the other? Of course not, they should report the truth, no matter which side things fall, but they didn’t and don’t do that. They take sides because they have their own liberal agenda. The irony of it all is that if the media got their way with the Second Amendment, in no time at all the First Amendment would also be in ruins as well as the entire Constitution. The Bill of Rights is the watchdog of the Constitution. As such, the First Amendment should be the watchdog’s bark, not the boy who cries wolf, and the Second Amendment is the bite of that watchdog. What good is a watchdog that can’t bite and whose bark is as unreliable as a Clinton promise?
            By the way, can you name the PAC that most consistently gets high ratings for providing true and factually correct information to Congress and the public? (the NRA, that’s who.) Their credibility is way above that of any of the lame stream media companies, and the media’s only job is supposed to be reporting the truth. Some liberal PACs are so untrustworthy that they’ve resorted to changing their names once they’ve lost all credibility, and some have even adopted highly misleading names as a matter of form, just as an outgrowth of their own dishonesty. Remember the Brady bunch’s old name of Handgun Control Incorporated (HCI)? Those Half Cocked Idiots had to change their name just a few years after they began, due to lack of credibility, and others like them invent names to sound like some sort of sportsmen’s group. I rather think most sportsmen are on to those tactics, although some of their own followers probably don’t recognize them, so I doubt if they are any better off for doing so.
            Bottom line, the only ones made safer by gun laws are criminals and tyrants. Politicians backing them must be long to one or both categories, unless they are so naive or crazy to really; think they reduce crime, which belies all the statistics to the contrary. I suggest that anyone who proposes any new gun laws should be forced to live a couple years in inner city Chicago and learn what they are trying to sentence the entire country to. Gun control? …. Get a grip!

          3. You really are an uniformed blind supporter of the liberal circus of incompetence. It took years & multiple attacks before Clinton authorized the “Kill” policy.
            Eight years of unanswered attacks culminated in Clinton refusing to give the battle field commander in Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) the heavy armor and tanks he requested. Bin Laden called the US a paper tiger and predicted the US would “cut & run” which we did. Bin Laden was gaining credibility, and Jihadists flocked to him after Mogadishu. Clinton’s Secretary of Defense Aspin had turned down the on-scene commander’s requests for M1 tanks and AC-130 Specter gunships, weapons that would have changed the calculus of battle and saved American lives. In his refusal, Aspin had over-ruled then Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell, who also pleaded that these weapons were necessary to protect boots on the ground. Powell was right, and Mogadishu ended the political career of Les Aspin, who was forced to resign as Secretary of Defense two months later. Michael Scheuer, chief of the bin Laden unit from 1995 to 1999, (talking about just one of several opportunities) said that Clinton was a “disgrace” and a “monumental liar” for claiming that he didn’t kill bin Laden because of the collateral damage. (Sounds a lot like Benghazi, doesn’t it? Two Medals of Honor and 18 needlessly dead Americans because of people who think like you!) He asserted that only Taliban and bin Laden and his crew would’ve died if Clinton had given the go-ahead for a missile strike on the region in December of 1998. But Clinton didn’t act, said Scheuer, because he’s a “coward morally” and because he’s “more concerned, like Obama, with what the world thinks about him.” Why don’t you back away from that cool-aid “Team Pelosi” delivers to your ears every day? You people are a disgrace.

      1. Bill Cinton bombed Iraq for failure to give up WMD and being in violation of some 17 UN Resolutions, with the support from every Democrat on the hill. Operation Desert Fox:

        You can thank Clinton for mandating TRILLIONS in sub-prime and mandates for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and liberals defended that insanity,The White House affordable housing goals, till the day it blew up. Clinton’s HUD secretary Cuomo went on to sit on the board of Countrywide, the most egregious of all the predatory lenders.

        1. Correction, it was Clinton’s HUD secretary Cisneros that went on to Countrywide after placing mandatory sub-prime quotas on Fannie & Freddi.

          A key weapon in the Cisneros arsenal was the Clinton administration’s changes to the Community Reinvestment Act. The CRA was passed in 1977 and updated in 1995 to pressure lenders into making more loans to moderate-income borrowers by allowing regulators to deny merger approvals for banks with low CRA ratings. Even complaints brought by activists, such as the leftist group ACORN, were now counted against a bank’s CRA rating. The result was that banks began issuing more loans to otherwise uncreditworthy borrowers while purchasing more CRA mortgage-backed securities.28 As housing finance expert Peter Wallison noted, “The most important fact associated with the CRA is the effort to reduce underwriting standards. … Once those standards were relaxed … they spread rapidly to the prime market and to subprime markets where loans were made by lenders other than insured banks.”29

          The Clinton administration’s National Homeownership Strategy, prepared under Cisneros’s direction, brought together public and private housing market participants to coordinate plans to achieve record homeownership. This plan advocated “financing strategies, fueled by creativity and resources of the public and private sectors, to help homebuyers that lack cash to buy a home or income to make the payments. ” This is an important point to underline: the Clinton administration pursued a range of policies to put people who could not afford them into homes. Interestingly, HUD removed this Strategy document from its website in 2007 after the housing bubble burst.


        Liberal insanity created the housing collapse. Clinton invented subprime and forced it onto the markets. The predatory came after. Clinton signing the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 prohibited the regulation of derivatives. He went on to brag that 85% of mortgages under the CRA were made during his administration.

      3. Hey Chuck, what does the NRA have to do with Bush/Cheny or that splendid little party that we had in Iraq. What do you mean illegal and unnecessary? When I want to hunt big Whitetails, I go to Canada. When I want to hunt Mountain lions, I go to Montana. When I want to hunt big hogs, I hunt in Texas. Unnecessary, indeed.

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