Police Join Opposition to Eliminate Law Enforcement on Public Land

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

USA -(Ammoland.com)- On Jan. 24, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah introduced the Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act (H.R. 622) in the U.S. House of Representatives.

H.R. 622 would eliminate federal law enforcement officers on America’s national forests and Bureau of Land Management lands, leaving hundreds of millions of acres vulnerable to abuse and lawless behavior, taxing state and local authorities and fundamentally compromising American’s safety, both in and around public lands.

H.R. 622 would negatively impact our treasured lands and waters at a time when law enforcement is critically needed to safeguard important natural and cultural resources and secure public safety.

Local, state and federal law enforcement have a long and successful history of cooperation. Public lands users such as sportsmen understand and support this tradition.

Last week, Rep. Chaffetz withdrew a companion bill to H.R. 622. H.R. 621 would have mandated the sale of more than 3 million acres of public lands. His decision to abandon the bill followed strong, outspoken and unrelenting criticism from sportsmen and others.

Now, sportsmen are joining forces with the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and other law enforcement officers to advocate for safe, consistent enforcement on U.S. public lands – and to urge Rep. Chaffetz to withdraw from the House of Representatives H.R. 622.

Join a press conference on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 9 a.m. MT/11 a.m. ET to learn about H.R. 622 and why citizens are uniting behind this threat to our public lands.

Speakers will include the following:

  • Pat O’Carroll, Executive Director, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), Maryland
  • Jay Webster, Patrol Captain (retired), U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement & Investigations (USFS LEI), Washington
  • Lanny Wagner, Chief Law Enforcement Ranger (retired), U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Colorado
  • Randy Newberg, Host, “Fresh Tracks” and “Hunt Talk Podcast,” Montana
  • Moderator: Land Tawney, President and CEO, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Montana

To join the call, dial 1-800-247-5110 and enter passcode 98517.

Please RSVP to Katie McKalip at 406-240-9262 or [email protected]

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Fed law enforcement is contra the Constitution, for starters, and have a wrethched track record on many levels. It was Feds who brought us the Bundy Ranch and Malheur Refuge incidents…. their heavy handed, falsification, grudge enforcement, outright lies, and murder/threatened murder are a big black blotch on our history. END illegal fed “law enforcement” on public lands The local county sheriffs are well able, and in most cases willing, to do what needs be done. Take the money now spent on FedGov cops and leave it to the locals. Better yet, stop stealing money from us to support the… Read more »

Dan Fouch

Yes, a few people have retained their good sense. Some of these people need to run up against some BLM agents all decked out in their swat gear. According to our constitution, the feds have no authority to own land except for a few exceptions, let alone have law enforcement. Our sheriff works for we the people. The feds believe they don’t have to answer to anyone.


Local law has been sufficient for over a hundred years and is accountable to the local people. Feds consider themselves above the law and all to often act accordingly. Corruption in those agencies, USFW, BLM, USFS are very apparent if you get past the media buffers they have created to cover their taking under the cover of fearmongering and supposed protection of the environment. They need to be stripped down to the bone and put back to doing what there original jobs were, not the Frankenstein policing agency monsters they have become !

Jim S

“…to advocate for safe, consistent enforcement on U.S. public lands..”
Those words sound great but its those same words that keep putting limits on firearms today. I am pro LE but I dont want to see LE on every corner asking me where Im going. While there are many cool officers out there, there are also a lot of dicks trying to be important. Eventually we should decide what level of law enforcement we want to pay for instead of making blanket statements that more LEO’s are good.

I am not in favor of selling those lands


Sounds like someone is either trying to destroy american (execute traitors) or someones in his pocket…

Either way he should be removed however that occurs