Poster Contest’s 27th Year Highlights Keeping Georgia Wild

Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. -( Teachers and students across Georgia are invited to celebrate Georgia’s wildlife and students’ artistic interests by participating in the 27th annual Give Wildlife a Chance Poster Contest.

The competition, open to grades K-5, is aimed at generating a greater knowledge and appreciation of Georgia’s diverse and increasingly threatened nongame wildlife and their habitats.

Nongame species (those not legally hunted or fished for) vary from rare animals and plants such as the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker and the hooded pitcherplant to common species such as the northern cardinal and flowering dogwood.

This popular art contest is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and The Environmental Resources Network (TERN), friends group of DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section.

The theme for the 2016-17 school year is “Keep Georgia WILD!” The topic highlights the need to be aware of how Georgians’ everyday actions can impact wildlife and their habitats, as well as the quality of the lives of people.

To make sure all species survive and stay healthy, natural resource agencies and organizations follow Georgia’s State Wildlife Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy for conserving wildlife and habitats before they become too rare or costly to protect.

The plan identifies many species that need special attention because their numbers are declining or threats to their survival are increasing. These species of concern include the spotted skunk, barn owl, gopher frog, tangerine darter, Coosawattee crayfish, rusty-patched bumblebee and hairy rattleweed.

For a complete list, visit their website.

After creating artwork based on this year’s theme and according to contest rules, participants enter their drawings and paintings at the local school level. Top school-level entries then proceed to the state contest at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens.

First-, second- and third-place winners are chosen there for four divisions: kindergarten, first and second grade, third and fourth grade, and fifth grade. The deadline for schools to submit state-level entries is April 14, 2017.

The top 12 state-level winners’ artwork will be showcased on the DNR Wildlife Resources Division Flickr and Instagram, as well as displayed at the State Botanical Garden May 10-17.

The State Botanical Garden offers a fascinating variety of plants as well as opportunities to view wildlife in the fields and forests. Admission is free, although donations are accepted. For directions, operating hours and a garden map, visit their website.

As a special perk for supporting this contest, each state-level winner’s teacher and one parent will receive a free bald eagle license plate, courtesy of TERN! For contest rules, awards, entry forms and other information, visit their website.

The Nongame Conservation Section, part of Georgia DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division, is charged with conserving nongame wildlife, including native plants and natural habitats. Only a deep concern and commitment to these natural resources will ensure their existence for future generations.

The section depends primarily on fundraisers such as sales and annual renewals of the eagle and hummingbird license plates and the Give Wildlife a Chance state income tax checkoff.

Learn more at, or call Nongame Conservation Section offices in Social Circle (770-761-3035), Forsyth (478-994-1438) or Brunswick (912-264-7218).



  • Theme: Keep Georgia WILD!
  • Emphasis: Generate a greater knowledge and appreciation of Georgia’s diverse and increasingly threatened nongame wildlife and their habitats.
  • Teacher instructions: Have students design artwork that includes nongame wildlife and/or native plants. Hold a school-level contest. First-place winners in each age division progress to the state-level contest.
  • Deadline for state-level contest entries: April 14, 2017.
  • Top 12 state-level winners’ artwork will be showcased on the Wildlife Resources Division Flickr and Instagram websites and displayed at the State Botanical Garden in Athens May 10-17.
  • Details:
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