SCORPUS Covert Holsters Compatible For Glock, CZ, Walther, FNS and Ruger

SCORPUS Covert Holsters
SCORPUS Covert Holsters
FAB Defense
FAB Defense

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -( FAB Defenses announces the comfortable Covert IWB holster is comapitble with the CZ P-10C, Walther P99, FNS-9 and FNS-9 Compact, Ruger 9E and the family of full size GLOCKs including the 17,19 and 22.

Carry your weapon safely, comfortably and with confidence with the new SCORPUS Covert Holster.

Comfort takes a back seat when carrying a gun concealed.The Covert was designed to be thin and comfortable.

FAB Defense used advanced polymer materials in order to build a slim, flexible, durable holster with an average material thickness of 0.07 of an inch.

This unique design also incorporates the rounded back and comfort features of a hybrid holster with the slim and lightweight qualities of an injected holster. There are no sharp edges or points to poke or catch on a shirt or jacket.

Two interchangeable belt clips for 1.5-inch or 1.25-inch belts allows you to easily change clips to properly fit your belt, insuring a safe and secure attachment. No more worries about having to “chase” your gun because of an ill-fit. The ergonomic rounded sweat guard helps protect the gun’s finish.

The passive retention system is adjustable so that concealed carriers can adjust the retention to match their needs. The fit of the gun into the holster is such that it insures a proper grip when pulled and the trigger finger is indexed in the safe position, off the trigger.

The Scorpus Covert is the holster of choice for anyone looking for safety, comfort and concealability.

Available in black and soon flat dark earth. The Scorpus Covert is compatible with the family of full size Glocks, CZ P-10C, Walther P99, FNS-9, FNS-9 Compact and the Ruger 9E. MSRP $44.25.


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