Stinchfield: Left-Wing Extremists Nearly as Dangerous as ISIS


USA – -( – The death of a nation and the rise in fascism is a real possibility in America—and the violence from the left is to blame. Fascist movements are built to allure the politically disempowered and disengaged, who are propagated to fight common enemies by using violence to exterminate them. Bill Whittle join NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield to talk about the red flags in the actions of left-wing extremists.

“What do they need in order to get this out of their system? They need an enemy,” says Whittle. “For these thugs on the left, all they really want to do is smash windows, it’s the same exact crowd.”

According to Whittle, the left is so indoctrinated to think they are fighting fascism when in reality, their actions are on the verge of resurrecting the thing they fear most.

“Beating up a Trump supporter because some kid decided he wanted to go to campus and listen to some thin British homosexual’s speech and he gets beaten up and thrown to the ground … That’s fascism! Saying someone can’t speak on a campus … that’s fascism! Being able to try and shut down any kind of opposing opinion … that’s the very definition of fascism!”

Grant adds that the left-wing collectivists pose one of the greatest threats to American safety, even sizing them up to radical Islamic terrorism.

“I believe the left-wing ideology, the extreme left wing of the democratic party, is now the most violent form of political ideology out there except for radical jihad.”

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  • 9 thoughts on “Stinchfield: Left-Wing Extremists Nearly as Dangerous as ISIS

    1. Words have meaning and meanings have consequences.

      you said this:

      Being able to try and shut down any kind of opposing opinion … that’s the very definition of fascism!”

      If we continue to let our enemies coopt the language, redefining terms as THEY will, we concede point, set, match.

      FASCISM defined: government control of private means of production. This can, and has been happening, quietly and peacefully for at least a generation, and WE have been asleep at the helm.

      SOCIALISM defined:
      government OWNERSHIP of all means of production. One of the key tenets of Marx and Alinsky is to foment instability and chaos to destabilise a culture. When folks have had their fill of chaos the putative leaders, having been quietly lurking in the shadows as chaos builds, then step forward out of nowhere and offer their “final solution” to restore order. The now-desparate masses acquiesce and totalitarian government takes over. Read the history of every government overthrow that led to a socialist, communist, marxist, takeover. Its like reading a Hardy Boys “mystery”.. same plot, different time, place, actors.

      And THAT is precisely what we are up against today. Sanders (a flaming socialist) got stomped by the fascist (read above definition) Clinton machine, which flopped only ecause they were too overconfdent they had “the final solution” and would be welcomed with open arms…… thank God they were wrong. Now the Cintons He and She are so furious, along with their puppetmasters, they’re unleashing the goon squad….. and yes, they ARE at least as dangerous as ISIS. the Black Lies Make Trouble squads, bussed to the places where trouble was carefully stirred up,have made a hash of a few cities…. nw Trump is president, the same crowd, same money behind it, continue, trashing places like Portland Oregon, U Cal Berkeley, and a few other places. This will continue until one of two things happens: either they will get their way. Trump dead or otherwise neutralised, and his attempts at a course correction reversed…… or some instigators and sponsors go to prison and the pinheaded masses he’s been paying will scamper off to Mommie’s Basement and play internet troll again.

      This “movement” will respond much like the moslem jihadis respond: until faced with overwhelming force and the real threat of total annihilation, they will continue to play spoilt child and lash out when and where they can; “Timeouts” and such won’t deter them. Taking away their “device” priviledges won’t, either. Charging and jailing a few lead organisers is useless. Another will step up and take his place. Remember, the uprisings of the sixties did not cool off until a number of their leaders were imprisoned.. Manson, Ayers, Dorhn, others I can’t remember any more.

    2. We are the silent majority but “silent” will be our downfall. We think that a few hot head liberal socialist mad dogs and media can’t bring us down now that we are in power. If we remain silent we will not remain in power long. Most people supported Nixon to the end but said and did nothing. Most people supported the Jews in WWII but said and did nothing.

    3. Well after reading the headline I figured what a waste of time and energy, but I read it. Now as a 45 year plus CCP guy that actually carries All The Time, and the owner of over 200 firearms, I have to say, What A Bunch Of Crap this so called writing is. As a life long Independent, I double that comment. If neither side can see that they are all the enemy US is in big trouble. Thanks, and I hope U all can see The Big Picture, US. Dave

    4. The Headline was enough. I won’t even read it. I will assume they write this stuff because they make Money doing so. However, without reading it the headline speaks volumes, and these people that pen this crap are the dangerous ones. Just my Independent point of view. Dave

    5. Listen to some left wing extremists like Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, all politicians who believe the ends justify their means. Mock Presudent Trump, an accomplished business CEO and yet Senator Al Franken, a bar room comedian gets a pass from criticism? Thank you, I will take President Trump! Or at least give him a chance. Legislate from the judicial bench, sure; disagree with the truth, call the speaker a racist, homophobic, xenophobic-anything to discredit the messenger. Screw up healthcare with Obamacare for economic redistribution, collapse the healthcare system and blame anyone who tries to fix the mess made by the authors. Open borders, sing Kim-by-yah- look at Belgium or Germany.
      What the heck is happening to our country, the Republic many fought for with its freedoms, Communist once said they will take over America under the guise of Liberalism.
      Support your local police, vote conservative and respectfully write your congressional representatives.

    6. Four sequential steps: liberal democrats, liberal socialists, full socialists (we had one running for president), communists. The author is correct they are more dangerous than ISIS! I see them as the cancerous disease within–not a skin rash on the outside.

    7. Except CIASIS was formed under Osama & Sen. John McCain with a touch of Clinton Irish Mafia. A CIA operation in coordination with the DoD for constant supply of food & weapons.
      Out of Red River Ammo/Arms Depot of TX. All that the President has to do is STOP funding & supplying CIASIS, Russia will wipe them out in 6 months.

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