Trump Shaming Conservatives Must Stop, Smash the Left

By John Crump

Trump Shaming Conservatives Must Stop, Smash the Left
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-( Trump winning the election in an electoral landslide came as a surprise to all the talking head pundits on the 24 hour news channels.

They wondered among themselves about how the polls could be so wrong. Donald Trump never had the lead in the polls. In their bubble Trump supports were far and few between. He was a joke to them.

When the so called “Blue Wall” crumbled they searched for the missing votes, but there was none to found.

This result even shocked me, but there were those among us who were not surprised. One of these people was Bob who is a Vietnam veteran and a massive Trump supporter. He always insisted that there was some hidden bastain of conservatives and libertarians just waiting to rise up. I wasn’t so confident. A few days after the election I ran into Bob. With a big smile on his face he said, “See! I told you they were out there, and it was great!”

I think Bob was partially right. I don’t think there was some hidden group of libertarian and conservatives that just came out of the woods to vote for Trump. I think it is much deeper than that. It is my theory that they were always out there. It is just that they can not show their political leanings for fear of retribution from the left.

I live in a pretty affluent and left leaning town just outside of Washington, DC. Me, being who I am, makes no secret of my libertarian leanings. In fact my license plate says “GUN AMMO” with a pro-second amendment sticker and a III% United Patriots of Virginia on my SUV. You would think that would make me an enemy of the people around here that media insist are left wingers. My friend even asked me if I was afraid of having my car vandalized to which I replied, “That is why I have insurance”.

Unfortunately due to vandalism from the ever “peaceful and tolerant”, people are afraid of putting stickers on their cars. I wasn’t going to let that keep me from doing what I wanted. Along with the dirty looks and the snide remarks something else happened.

I found there are more of us than what the media would have you believe. Was this the hidden mass that rose up on election day?

The first experience that helped me form my theory happened at my son’s school. My son goes to a pretty ritzy private school. I just finished dropping him off and was sitting in my car getting ready to head to work when there was a knock on my window. I looked over to see it was the headmaster of the school. I wasn’t sure what she wanted so I rolled down my window.

She looked at me and said “I know a lot of people here don’t appreciate your license plate and stickers, but I just want you to know I love them. I just can’t say that here.”

This got me thinking, “Just can’t say that here”?  What type of stuff was that?! I wondered what the fear was. Was she afraid for her job? Was she afraid she would become an outcast? I would come to discover that Liberalism is very similar to Scientology. Once you go against them they disown you, and then they try to destroy your life by going after your job. It is a cult of progressivism.

Days later I was in a local grocery store parking lot and again someone knocked on my window. This time it was a lady in her 40s who I have never seen before. I rolled down my window and politely asked “May I help you?” She responded that she was offended by my license plate. I said, “OK”, and then I rolled back up my window. This made me think…

Why would anyone do that? I came to the conclusion that liberals believe that their feelings and opinions outweigh opinions and feelings of others. Destroying other people’s lives because their feelings were is hurt is OK in their twisted logic.

A short time later I went to work. In my day job work in a very famous and a very liberal company which will remain nameless due to privacy reasons. The conservatives and the libertarians at this company are far and few between, or so I thought. I don’t hide my political leanings because I believe that I should never have to hide my beliefs and what makes me, me.

My co worker, who will remain unnamed, approached me and said “wait until you go out to California.” My company’s headquarters is in California. This made me wonder what he was talking about, but it was soon answered.

Donald Trump
We support Donald Trump!

He went on to explain about how liberal that they are out there. He confessed to be a conservative that voted for Trump. He keeps it quiet because he is afraid of unfairly being branded a racist. He explained the reasons why he voted for Trump and how he grew up poor. None of the reasons for voting the way he did had anything to do race and for some reason his “white privilege” didn’t prevent him from growing up poor.

This guy is anything but a racist, and he is a afraid of being labeled a racist just because he voted Trump? Unfortunately this isn’t him just being paranoid. Another one of my friends admitted at his work that he voted for Trump and was automatically deemed a racist and became a pariah within his company. He eventually was forced to leave his position. Did I mention that his wife is African American, and he has two kids with her?

I was speaking to another senior management person from California when I was asked if I was the same John Crump that writes for Ammoland News. I thought this guy was a huge liberal being from the San Francisco Bay area. I wasn’t sure what to say, but I fell back on my always be who I really am thing and admitted that I was the same person. He then seemed relieved and said he has read my stuff. It turns out this huge liberal wasn’t a liberal at all. He just played one at work. He then told me about having to hide who he is.

This was a surreal moment for both of us. He could finally drop the mask and be who he really was, and for me that fact someone actually knew me from my writings was really surreal.

I was home from work one day when my housekeeper, who is a nice hispanic lady, asked me who I was voting for. Buying into the “hispanics hate Trump” rhetoric I said I wasn’t sure. At this point I was leaning towards Trump over writing someone in, but I really wasn’t sure. In all honesty, I did make it seem that I was less sure than I was. To my surprise she said she was voting for Trump because she wanted the economy fixed and felt he was the best to do it. She also said she didn’t want to tell her friends. I felt stupid because I fell for the media’s narrative, but I also started to understand how and why the polling was so wrong.

Because of the anti-Trump/Conservative/Libertarian rhetoric that runs rampant through Hollywood we feel like we must hide. People don’t like being called stupid, racist, rednecks, and dare I say deplorable. It is like the red scare only reversed. This time the people on the right are the ones that have to hide for fear of losing their jobs and their friends. Hell, some people even have lost their families over politics.

When the polling was done people answered the way they thought others wanted to them to answer and then when they went to the ballot box they pulled the lever for Trump and other right leaning candidates. What was supposed to be a night of celebrating liberalism and the death of the right turned out to be a nightmare for these people, and a night of laughing hysterically at Rachel Maddow as she burst into tears.

We still need to push back though. We need to stop being afraid. The left can label me whatever they want. I know who and what I am. I am comfortable being me It is hard to put your job on the line, but I think there is more us than anyone thinks. If we all raise up together and defend one another we can come out from the shadows. Don’t look at the polls ran by [biased] polling companies. Look at the only polls that matter; The election results. Unless you live in a big city then chances are there are more you than them so fight back against this new form of Mccarthyism.

I am not ashamed of who I am and you shouldn’t be either!

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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Wild Bill

@DB, Congress gives it legislative authority to the various agencies that are administered by the executive branch, so that the Senators and Representitives can spend their time begging for campaign funds, cutting profitable deals and getting themselves re-elected. Tickets and parties hardly matter any more. The Constitution hardly matters any more.

Dave Brown

As a life long register Independent, well other then a few years during Nam, I am really saddened that US have come to this. Next thing will be a one party system, or a _________ system. Me, I have been thinking a No Party System would be best. Let them run on their own merits. Me, I have voted about 50/50 left or right, but it always depended on what the person was running for. I doubt if I have ever voted a Straight Ticket since 1970, and I do not understand way so many of US need to a… Read more »


Residing in Kommieforniastan, oh I LONG for the day I can call it California again, the Silicon Valley to be exact. I’ve found that there are way more right minded people here than one would believe. There are a lot more ‘gun’ owners than the left would have you believe also. Sadly WE DON’T GET OUT AND VOTE and of course seeing as the districts here are so tortured and convoluted it’s almost impossible for a sane person to get elected. But I keep the faith and keep my Flag flying high and proud. That’s the best way to really… Read more »

Off The Wall

Look into the word “cuckservative”. It means a purported conservative who will do anything to avoid being called a racist by the left, also those who seek approval from the left by shooting at anyone to their right.

When’s the last time you saw a progressive attack anyone further to the left than themselves?


Hillary Clinton was the one who coined the words, “Politically Correct,” in the 90’s. It was used by her then and has been used by the left since, to take away freedom of speech from anyone who think differently. I was a the VA a few wks. ago and a black guy started ranting and raving about how all whites voted for Trump and he hoped ISIS came to the US. He said he would join them in cutting white people’s heads off. Being that he said this very loudly on federal property and the VA did nothing, I turned… Read more »


Around the same time frame it was brother the Rev. Jesse Jackson that coined the phrase ‘African American’! He owns that nonsense like Al Gore owns the ‘global warming’ scam and sham.


I, too, have a couple of telling stickers on my truck: My NRA Life Member sticker, and one of those ‘COEXIST” stickers – except that mine is made of gun company logos. I have gotten many complements, but not any “that hurts my feeling” comments.


You can dress up a pig and put lipstick on it, but it’s still a pig.

Wild Bill

, I hope to see that pig, her lipstick and all, indicted for selling out America, when she was Sec. of State.


,me too !


I have had two bumper stickers on the back of my truck. “I love my country, I distrust my government” and the other “Phony President” for several years. The “Phony President” bumper sticker has now been removed.


Great article. Trump wasn’t my first choice, Sen. Ted Cruz was. I never went around saying I was for Cruz then later Trump,but if asked I would say without hesitation Trump. About 60% of the time the person asking was also a Trump supporter, but as you said was hesitant to admit it for fear of being labeled this or that (usually racist) ! Who cares what a Clinton supporter,Bernie Sanders supporter thinks about anything ? President Trump speaks his mind and means what he says and that drives the liberals nuts. They think the are right about everything when… Read more »