SafeGuard: Wearing Body Armor as Part of Every Day Carry

Safeguard Armour Stealth Pro Vest
Safeguard Armour Stealth Pro Vest
Safeguard Armour
Safeguard Armour

U.S.A.-( Body armor is part of the safety equipment of every American gun enthusiast who considers themselves well prepared for a number of scenarios.

Bullet, knife, and stab resistant vests have a space in your EDC (every day carry) as they effectively increase your chances of survival when faced with different threats that could otherwise prove fatal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should absolutely always carry body armor everywhere or need the highest possible level of protection. When it comes to EDC there are a number of factors to consider when making your choice of tactical vest.

Ideally, the best choice would be a covert bullet proof vest. This is the case for a number of reasons, starting with the obvious advantage of hidden protection that gives you the upper hand in everyday situations. There are very few situations, where gun enthusiasts or preppers would want to draw attention to themselves and as a general rule – the best chance for survival is always with the person who plans ahead, stays informed, and keeps a low profile. Covert bullet proof vests provide the necessary protection and allow the wearer to go about their daily activities without attracting unwanted attention.

Another huge benefit of cover body armor are its dimensions and weight characteristics. Because it is lightweight, it gives the wearer a greater level of flexibility. They can exercise their speed without restrictions and can react faster in any situation while remaining fully protected.

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump - The Grayman
Everyday Carry Pocket Dump – The Grayman :

When considering suitable types of vests for EDC you will need to look at the available protection levels. This is necessary to ensure you receive the most adequate protection against the likely threats you might encounter. For example, an NIJ level IIIa is the highest level available for covert vests. Soft armor used in covert vests is usually level 2 or level IIIa and can also include stab and spike protection. The best aspect of a covertly worn vest in EDC is that it can usually be worn against the skin for prolonged periods of time without compromising your range of movement or flexibility.

Gun enthusiasts and preppers who are looking for additional stab and spike protection might consider a level II Edged Blade and Spike protection for maximum security from engineered blades, high velocity stab and spike thrusts. Spike protection at level 2 is usually made up from platelets attached to the outer-side of the Kevlar.

After you’ve settled on the level of protection that best suits your needs, it is time to determine the proper size. This is extremely important as a poorly fitted vest is as good as no protection at all. Before body armor is purchased from suppliers, you need to properly measure your torso to obtain the best fit possible. This ensures that you will remain comfortable during everyday activities as well as stay fully protected.

To remain effective body armor should stop slightly above the navel. This way your flexibility is not impeded and your ability to move is not restricted. It is crucial for the vest to cover your vital organs – heart; lungs, kidneys and stomach, which means that it can’t be too short either. Some people decide to opt for additional protective gear to cover the neck, groin, thighs and arms but this can have its drawbacks as it slows the wearer down and is easily visible.

As a whole, body armor is a sensible and necessary piece of equipment for any gun enthusiast or prepper looking to remain safe in a number of risky scenarios. Always consult your local state regulations before purchasing any type of vest to ensure you are not breaking the law.

About SafeGuard Armour:

Leading body armor manufacturers and premium body armor designers & has been established online for about 7 years. They specialize in combining soft Kevlar armor with hard armor plates to their carrier designs.

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Not doable in Florida. Not even close. Too hot.

Clark Kent

Not even practical in Washington state. Not even close; too hot.

Jim Macklin

Most states have laws that make it a crime to wear body armor when committing a crime such as robbery. In some areas a knife attack is more likely than being shot. Neither form of attack can be completely mitigated with body armor. Certified body armor, with tested threat levels is expensive but much cheaper than a surgical and hospital stay. Since 9mm seems to be the caliber of choice, a vest that is rated for 9mm +P is probably adequate. If a knife attack is a common attack in your neighborhod an option that might be worthwhile is to… Read more »