Best AR-15 Sling Mount , My Five , Lets See if You Disagree?

by Brian (Rev) Norris
Reverend Norris reviews his picks of why and what makes the best AR-15 sling mount on your black rifle setup.

Best AR-15 Sling Mount
Best AR-15 Sling Mount
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( The devil is in the details.

Sometimes people spend so much time selecting the right house that they fail to lock in the best interest rate. Sometimes people focus so much on buying the right optic that they fail to find a suitable mount.

Sometimes AR users focus so much on selecting a the best rifle sling that they don’t give appropriate consideration to how they will secure it.

Years ago, I bought a cheaply made generic QD AR-15 Sling mount, and I regretted it; unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard way. The mount failed while I was at the range training. Fortunately for you, I’m going to share my experience so you don’t make the same mistake.

AR-15 Sling Mounting Types : Standard vs QD (quick detach)

Ergo Grips Standard Rail Sling Adapter
Ergo Grips Standard Rail Sling Adapter

First, let’s give appropriate consideration to the ways you can secure your sling. Then we’ll move into the primary conversation. Namely, what I think the five best AR-15 sling mounts are.

Personally, I use two mounting types, standard and QD.

Standard mounts allow your sling to be directly attached to the weapon. Their advantages are simplicity, weight, and cost effectiveness. The disadvantages are flexibility, interchangeability, and convenience. Standard mounts are typically less expensive, and they don’t require the sling to have a sling mount swivel attached. The extra part definitely makes the QD option more cost prohibitive.

The simplicity of this system is an advantage in that there are fewer points in the system that can fail. As an old rock climber, this simplicity is attractive to me.

The question remains, do those advantages outweigh the system’s disadvantages? Typically, the standard sling mounting type is less flexible than other sling mounting options.

MAGPUL Quick Detach Sling Swivel
MAGPUL Quick Detach Sling Swivel

The angle that the gun sling can be articulated from tends to be more limited. The AR sling needs to marry the gun it’s on because it will take too much time to take the sling off and re-configure for another rifle.

So for me, as a reviewer, QD mounts make sense. I think I would prefer them even if I wasn’t reviewing slings because of the articulation advantage and the flexibility advantage.

I like being able to attach my sling to my rear stock and to the rear of my upper receiver based upon need.

Since all my long guns have either standard or QD set ups, it would be disingenuous for me to show you other options as if I considered them the best. I’ll show you my five favorite mounts; these are five mounts I’m 100% sure will serve the shooter / operator well.

Realize that you will need a rear mounting option and a forward mounting option (if you aren’t using a single point sling), and it’s totally valid to use standard in one spot and QD in the other. Feel free to mix and match.

The Five Best AR-15 Sling Mount List Includes:

  • Midwest Industries AR-15 Sling Mounts
  • Bravo Company Keymod Quick Detachable AR15 Sling Mount
  • Magpul RSA Quick Detach Sling Mount Attachment
  • Daniel Defense EZ Carbine QD Sling Mount
  • Viking Tactics VTAC – LAMB Front Sling Adapter


Midwest Industries AR-15 Sling Mounts – Looped or Slotted

Midwest Industries AR-15 Sling Mounts Looped or Slotted
Midwest Industries AR-15 Sling Mounts shown in Looped or Slotted versions.

First up, I’d consider a simple solution like this mount from Midwest Industries that will allow you to fix your sling to the rear of your upper receiver. I especially like that this option doesn’t require you to remove the buffer tube… it clamps right on.

Works well in all types of configurations, including single point, two point or three point tactical slings. Easy, no gunsmith installation, no need for special tools. Constructed of 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized for a lifetime of service.

This is a simple AR-15 Sling Mount and a rock solid option!

If I needed a budget sling mount option in this style, I’d consider substituting with the CAR-15/M4 LOW-PROFILE AMBIDEXTROUS SLING ADAPTER from Brownells. It’s a quality-made piece, but the first Midwest Industries option is my preference.

Though I don’t have either of these on my ARs anymore, I do still have this same type mount on my 870. I use this mount from GG&G Shotgun Sling Mount. This mounting location is the superior choice for those who favor single point slings.

Bravo Company Keymod Quick Detachable QDSM AR15 Sling Mount

Bravo Company Keymod Quick Detachable AR15 Sling Mount
Bravo Company Keymod Quick Detachable AR15 Sling Mount :

For forward mounting options on guns with a KeyMod rail, I prefer the KeyMod Quick Detachable Sling Mount solution from BCM. It’s low profile—mounting more flush than its competitors and is steel tough. The connection point is positive; after years of use, I can assure you that it gets the job done.

Low-Profile for increased mobility and decreased “snag” factor. Fits standardized KeyMod interface mounting holes. Fits standard push button, quick detach sling swivel (not included). 8-position (360°), non-rotational locking interface. Requires three KeyMod attachment hole mounting points. All steel construction.

My primary AR has this BCM low profile AR-15 Sling Mount up front and connects to a BCM stock or receiver on the rear. I run a VTAC sling. Copy me if you like.

Magpul RSA Quick Detach Sling Mount Attachment

Magpul RSA Quick Detach Sling Mount Attachment
Magpul RSA Quick Detach Sling Mount Attachment :

Another great option is the RSA quick detach sling attachment from Magpul, especially for those who are unsure if they will go KeyMod, M-Lok, quad rail or make some other choice down the road. Its versatility is its strength. Also, this AR-15 cling mount has proven to be simple and durable after years of hard use.

The RSA QD provides a forward attachment point for the Magpul MS4 Sling and other push-button QD slings. Made from corrosion resistant steel, mounts on 1913 Picatinny rail, and places the attachment point at an angle optimized for comfortable two-point sling use while maintaining easy push-button access.

Daniel Defense EZ Carbine QD Sling Mount

Daniel Defense EZ Carbine QD Sling Mount
Daniel Defense EZ Carbine QD Sling Mount

For those who like the mounting location of the first option in our list, but want the flexibility of QD mounts, I highly recommend the EZ Carbine Sling mount from Daniel Defense.

It is CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum and has a durable Type III Mil-Spec Hard Coat Anodized finish. Heavy duty push button QD swivel attachment allows for ambidextrous functionality as the QD swivel can be swapped from the left attachment point to right with the push of a button and rotation is limited to ensure the sling does not become twisted or tangled.

This AR-15 sling mount is relatively light weight, mounts with ease in seconds, is ambidextrous, and Daniel Defense includes a quick detach swivel. Make sure you notice that; some have thought this option is more expensive than it actually is.

Viking Tactics VTAC – LAMB Front Sling Adapter

Viking Tactics VTAC - LAMB Front Sling Adapter
Viking Tactics VTAC – LAMB Front Sling Adapter

Last, but certainly not least, is the VTAC LUSA front Sling Adapter. This front rail solution allows you to keep your options open. It will work with just about anything you throw at it. Never again will you need to change sling adapters to accommodate different sling swivel types.

With the VTAC – LUSA you can use a quick detach sling swivel, a conventional sling swivel, a hook, or simply run the sling through the sling loop. The VTAC-LUSA allows a wide variety of options without changing hardware. For armorers the VTAC-LUSA eliminates the need to stock four different sling attachment brackets. For shooters that use the quick detach sling swivel, the VTAC-LUSA is designed to lock in the swivel and limit rotation to 45 degrees.

Gun Sling Mounts : Final Thoughts

Since we’re mentioning single point sling mount or swivel types, let me remind you that I once made the mistake of going cheap with adapters and swivels, and they failed. Choose a pair of quality adapters from the list above and pair them with one of my favorite swivels from BCM, Magpul, Daniel Defense, or Midwest Industries, and you’ll have no problems at all.

If you need to save money on an AR-15 sling mount, pass on the QD option and buy simplicity, but commit yourself to a quality-made option—you won’t be sorry and you won't be let down.

About Brian (Rev) Norris:

Brian (Rev) Norris, in addition to writing and talking guns and gear via video, is a pastor (hence the “Rev”) who specializes in mentoring young men in the urban context. If he catches a moment of free time, you’ll likely find him enjoying his family or heading to the range on his motorcycle. Brian has enjoyed the shooting sports since his father introduced them to him as a child. He’s an outdoorsman who enjoys life to the full.

  • 6 thoughts on “Best AR-15 Sling Mount , My Five , Lets See if You Disagree?

    1. Dan Noe
      I guess your comment is still being moderated but I saw it in a subscription alert email for this post. Grovtec & Midwest Industries both make recessed button swivels. I believe you can find them on Amazon or any firearms accessories retailer. They’re both high quality manufacturers. I think Grovtec also makes a twist-release swivel but if you have problems with the standard style buttons you might not like them- they seem like they’d be more susceptible to accidental release.

      1. Thank Wzrd – I’ll check those out. I’ve been looking at photos of various push buttons but none of them looked recessed to me.

    2. Problem with the push button QD sling attachments is that many of them have the button way too high. I had an expensive button QD that was so high when the sling moved it push the button just enough to make the sling pop off! I was so mad i threw it all away. I want the push button releases that actually have recessed buttons so it will not come detached unless you intend for it to! Any suggestions? If i can’t find any, I’m going with all the HK snaps – I’ll just have to put up with all the rattling.

    3. Thanks for stopping by James. I totally get it: ammo isn’t cheap. I run a VTAC Sling personally. I’ve written about my sling preferences in other locales but I just may write an updated sling article here at AmmoLand. As I said in this article, my favorite swivels (the male side) are BCM, Magpul, Midwest Industries, and Daniel Defense but there are a ton of other companies that make a good QD swivel. Again, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to talking with you in the next article.

    4. Thanks for a superb article!!

      I’m an AR-15 Noob, learning everything from scratch!

      I had to wait quite a while saving up money before I could afford to buy one, but I found a great generic side charging AR with a Wylde Barrel that shoots quite nicely! I can’t afford to shoot it but once every 3 months, and then only for one or two boxes of ammunition, but I do enjoy it when I do get to shoot.

      I have a fixed mount on my tactical stock which is just a plain Jane elongated slot ring, but was able to pick up a used El Cheapo quick detach front piece hooked on the bottom rail of my quad rail.

      Unfortunately, the El Cheapo used piece was just the receiver part of the QD; I now have to find a used sling Mount side of the QD to couple to it!

      I kept waiting to see the other side of the article to come to the fore, that is to say; your preferences for actual slings!

      Perhapsyou’ll do that in article number two?

      Thanks again for a great article!

      1. If I’m understanding what you’re asking about- Grovtec makes quality QD loops that seem to be less expensive than the name brands. I get them from Brownells or Joe Bob Outfitters. Of course if money’s an issue you can always get cheap ones from Amazon, but t I’ve learned the hard way that it’s definitely better to save & spend on the higher quality parts. & by that I mean all parts, not just slings & swivels.
        The Vtac slings Mr. Norris mentioned are nice. Every so often Primary Arms has the enhanced version (metal hardware) on sale. They also have their own sling for around $15, $10 on sale. I have both, & the Vtac seems to be an industry favorite but the PA brand is good entry level sling. I also like the Sportsman’s Guide HQ Issue brand slings. Their C3 is similar to Vtac but has removable HK style hooks. Their dual point sling can be used as a single point or double point. I prefer it as a single for SBRs or pistols. There’re so many options out there, & everyone has their own opinions. It’s hard to get the perfect one for you on the first try. Just do your research & pull the trigger.

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