Byron is Robin Hood on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots

Master of the Longbow Byron Ferguson aims to split an arrow with another arrow.
Impossible Shots!
Shooting USA's Impossible Shots! now on the Sportsman Channel.

USA – -( It’s the hardest shot an archer can attempt. Master of the Longbow, Byron Ferguson attempts the Robin Hood. Byron aims to split an arrow with another arrow.

Then, Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton shows us the Impossible way to split cards. It requires a .50-caliber round ball, a rock and an Ace of Hearts.  It’s a classic shot that Byron turns into an Impossible Shot with his self-designed bow.  Tune in Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to Sportsman Channel!



Eastern Time:

Thursday 2:30PM & 6:30PM; Saturday 9:00PM; Sunday 7:30AM

Central Time:

Thursday 1:30PM & 5:30PM; Saturday 8:00PM; Sunday 6:30AM

Mountain Time:

Thursday 12:30PM & 4:30PM; Saturday 7:00PM; Sunday 5:30AM

Pacific Time:

Thursday 11:30PM & 3:30PM; Saturday 6:00PM; Sunday 4:30AM

Mr. Flintlock George Sutton attempts to split an Ace of Hearts with a .50-caliber round ball.

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