Dissolve Into Your Environment with X JAGD’s High Tech Line of Outdoor Wear

Jagdhund X Outdoor Clothing Line
Jagdhund X Outdoor Clothing Line

BESSEMER, Ala. -(Ammoland.com)- No matter what season or weather condition, X JAGD clothing’s high tech materials and DEMORPHINGÒ patterns guarantee a greater level of performance in the field.

This acclaimed Austrian-based clothing company is now offering the U.S. consumer a full line of men’s and women’s parkas, jackets, pants, long- and short-sleeve shirts, base layers, socks, headgear, scarves and gaiters exclusively through Steyr Arms.

Through extensive research and development, the team at X JAGD has taken camouflage to a new level by creating new patterns that cancel out the laws of perception and provide hunters with a surface structure that optically dissolves the hunter into their environment.

Until now, perceptual research was only aware of three dimensions for arranging camouflage patterns: form, color, and space. With the X JAGD DEMORPHING collection, hunters disappear completely because the factors of time and motion have been added to the existing equation of form, color, and shape to create the DEMORPHING principle. This gives a decisive advantage over any game in the field.

With five DEMORPHING patterns, finding the perfect pattern for a local, out-of-state or international hunt was never easier. The Woodland Effect is best suited for areas with dense forest vegetation. The Mountain Effect is the perfect choice for medium and high altitudes in the Rocky Mountains, the Alps or areas mainly characterized by stone and rock formations.

The Savanna Effect is best used when hunting in areas of dry sand, stone and earth formations, as well as grasslands such as African hunting grounds. The Tundra Effect is ideal for any kind of winter, snow-covered regions, including high-altitude rocky areas and highlands.

The Flash Effect was designed with dual properties of both camouflage and ability to be seen by other hunters; it combines a maximum amount of camouflage with the highest level of blaze orange, and can be used across all kinds of hunting grounds with different vegetation.

X JAGD combines the most technologically advanced designs with exceptional outdoor materials in order to offer top-tier performance and reliability at all times.

These “intelligent” materials must fulfill certain special requirements in regard to hunting, whether it is heat management, anti-piling or moisture wicking.

Jagdhund X Outdoor Clothing Line
Jagdhund X Outdoor Clothing Line

A few of the featured technologies are THERMOLITE Insulation, KEEP HEAT Lining, Pontetorto Fleece, CORDURA, Pontetorto Softshell, HEROX, and Tencil.

Whether you are travelling to hunt around the world or in your own backyard, X JAGD offers the cleverest camouflage you can rely on for uncompromised performance. To review the X JAGD clothing line, visit the webstore.

For a limited time, customers will receive a 15-percent discount off their online orders.

X JAGD will be on display at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in the Steyr Booth (#3258) in Atlanta, April 28-30, 2017.


About X JAGD:

The X JAGD outdoor clothing brand utilizes exceptional, cutting-edge “intelligent materials” to create top-tier performance and reliability. The five X JAGD DEMORPHING camouflage designs are truly unique and allow hunters to completely dissolve into their environment.

Contact X JAGD’s exclusive U.S. importer and distributor Steyr Arms for more information at 2530 Morgan Rd., Bessemer, AL 35022; call (205) 417-8644; or visit www.xjagd-usa.com for more details.

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