Extreme Turkey Hunting Practice ~ Gould Brothers VIDEO

Gould Brothers
Gould Brothers

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The shots in this video were performed by trained professionals for entertainment purposes only.

Do not attempt any of the shots seen in this video and make sure you follow the fundamental rules for safe gun handling.

  1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

Steve Gould – “Spring is an exciting time of year in the North county. As the seasons shift from winter to spring, the snow melts, new growth begins to emerge, and we start to see the sun on a regular basis. There is a certain energy as spring rolls around and it just feels great!

“There’s another really cool thing that we love about spring and that is turkey hunting.”

“The sound of a gobble in the dark, the sneak to get set up as close as possible, and the strut of an incoming Tom is just a flat out cool experience.”

“As turkey seasons begins to open across the county, we thought it be fun to make an Extreme Turkey Hunting Practice video so we packed up the truck and trailer and headed for North Florida. After stocking up on copious amounts of gear and ammo at Bass Pro Shops, we began our filming.”

“The most difficult shot to complete was the no look “Become one with the Gun” shot. There were no mirrors used in the shot or any other items that would have allowed me to see the clay. It turns out that it’s hard to hit targets that you’re not looking at. Who would have thought!?”

“The 200-yard balloon shot also posed some unique challenges. After attempting the shot for a while, we began to realize that we were hitting the balloon but it wasn’t popping. The balloon was attached to a string and when a BB would hit the balloon it would push it back, absorbing the energy. We then attached the balloon to a wooden stake, tried again, and POP! In coming weeks, we will be releasing a behind the scenes video of this shot where you can learn more about what we had to do to pull this shot off.”

“We had a ton of fun making this video and now we eagerly look forward to getting out after some real turkeys! Thanks for checking out the video! Comment and let us know your favorite shot!”

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Equipment and Brands Used:

  • Turkey Decoys, Blind, Calls & Clothing: http://bit.ly/BassProTurkey
  • Eye Protection: ESS http://bit.ly/ESSEyePro 25% off with promo code “GBX25”
  • Firearms: Winchester SX3 Long Beard http://bit.ly/SX3LongBeardBassPro
  • Winchester Ammo: Long Beard XR http://bit.ly/LongBeardXRBassPro
  • Choke Tubes: Trulock Chokes http://bit.ly/TrulockChokes LongBeardXR Choke
  • Hearing Protection: WildEar http://bit.ly/WildEarPro 10% off with promo code “Gould10”
  • Performance Supplement: MTN OPS http://bit.ly/MTNOPS
  • Trap Machines: Promatic http://bit.ly/PromaticTraps
  • Magazine Tube Extensions: Nordic Components http://bit.ly/NordicComp
  • Custom Paint: DeadEye Liquid Graphics http://bit.ly/DeadEyeLG
  • Clay Targets: White Flyer http://bit.ly/WhiteFlyer-BassPro
  • Explosions: Sure Shot Exploding Targets http://bit.ly/SureShotExpoding
  • Video Credit: Capturyd http://bit.ly/capturyd


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