Florida Homeowner Gets Into Shootout With Gunman ~ VIDEO

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Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- News 4 WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida reports 03-20-2017, a Westside homeowner who is a military veteran, said he heard gunshots and screaming, so he went outside with a handgun in his belt. It happened just before 10 a.m. on Buttercup Street at Brannon Avenue.

He said he saw a stranger pointing a rifle at a neighbor. He reported the stranger was waving his rifle around and saying something to his neighbors. The neighbor was standing by their van with their children. The stranger started walking towards them.

“He tried to shoot my neighbor’s dog in close proximity to my neighbor. I think he shot a second time in the direction of my neighbor and the children. And then when he saw me and I made the comment “There were not going to be no more shootings in this neighborhood”. The stranger reacted by turning with his AK-47 and at firing me and my house, the helpful neighbor told News4Jax.

When the stranger started shooting at him, and he fired back, hitting the man’s vehicle as the man drove away. The unknown gunman shot out his truck windows and shot through two homes, one of which a woman was inside tending to her children.

The owner of one of the homes that was hit by a stray bullet reported “there’s a hole in my bedroom window. It traveled all the way through my house to my son’s room. That’s half the length of my trailer.”

The helpful neighbor and none of the other victims were hurt in the shootout. There’s no information on the search for the gunman. The Sheriff’s Office has not yet released an incident report with a description of the gunman.

According to the JSO crime-mapping tool, there have been 17 crimes reported in the neighborhood in the last month. More than half of the cases were assaults or burglaries.

“Something needs to be done. Someone is going to go into the ground, either me or my wife or the neighbors or children. This is a community of families, and it needs to be protected and investigated,” the helpful neighbor said.


The helpful neighbor fortunately had a firearm and was able to protect his neighborhood. Whoever this looney was, he would have certainly injured or murdered many others had this true hero not intervened.

One of the rare instances wherein the perp was armed with a military style rifle.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Roy D.

I think I found the problem right here: “That’s half the length of my trailer.”

Dr Dave

Who threatens to intercede in a gun fight verbally without first having a bead on the target???
The Vet is lucky he wasn’t laid to historic rest. It makes NO sense to scream “stop” and THEN decide to take out your gun to foil the action.
Had he atleast taken aim we might actually be reading that “FL Vet shoots would be shooter armed with AK-47”
I can’t imagine hearing a gun fight and grabbing my gun and then putting in my waistband and not atleast being sight ready to back up one’s words
Dr D

robert penny

needed more people shooting back


“full semi auto” ???? really from a “veteran” at that! And the woman that said It’s good that they (the police) come when there is a shooting but “they need to get here BEFORE the shooting”! Does she believe the movie “Minority Report” Now they are going to want to pass another “safe gun bill” or “No gun zone” that would only take the gun away from the “veteran” and not do nothing to the criminal! What a different out come it would have been if he had tried to buy the pistol that day or the day before and… Read more »


I wasn’t there and won’t second guess but the thought occurred that when someone is shooting, don’t bother saying anything, shoot and stop the attack.

Wild Bill

@Vanns, You have to prep the jury. That is shout out loud some phraseology that lets everyone know that you are not the attacker. (e.g. Help, help, someone call the police, etc.) In this senario ““There were not going to be no more shootings in this neighborhood”. ” will have to do.
If the police arrive and you are the only one with a gun, they will assume that you are the criminal. So prepping the jury is a very important step in self defense or the defense of others.


I teach my students that when the police arrive quickly put down your gun, raise your hands and tell them “WATCH OUT, HE’S GOT A GUN”. You’ll probably be cuffed and that’s okay, they have no idea what’s going on unless you’ve been on the phone with the dispatcher, which is why I also suggest you always use a hands free Bluetooth device so you have both hands free.

Best advice ever: “he who dials 911 first is the victim”. 🙂

Wild Bill

Yeah, I like that, too!