Hawaii: Anti-Gun Legislation Passes Committee

Hawaii: Anti-Gun Legislation Passes Committee
Hawaii: Anti-Gun Legislation Passes Committee
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Hawaii-(Ammoland.com)- Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee met for a decision making hearing on Senate Bill 898. During the hearing, no oral testimony was permitted; however, many provided written testimony in opposition, pointing out the many flaws and constitutional concerns.

Despite this strong opposition, the committee passed the bill with technical amendments. This was the final committee hurdle before heading to the floor. While the bill has not been scheduled for a vote yet, it is imperative that you contact your state Senator and urge them to oppose this misguided gun-control bill. Please click here to  take action and contact your state Senator!

SB 898, sponsored by state Senator Ronald Kouchi (D-8), would permanently strip an individual of their Second Amendment rights, not based on a criminal conviction or mental adjudication, but based on a quasi-criminal proceeding. The bill allows for firearms to be seized based on an ex-parte warrant application based on the low evidentiary standard of probable cause. An individual is entitled to a hearing, however that hearing may not take place for up to 30 days. At the hearing, the seized firearms can be retained and a permanent firearm prohibition can be put in place, not because of a disqualifying offense but merely the risk of one.

No one wants dangerous individuals to have access to firearms; however, this is not about dangerous people. This bill sets to ignore the normal rules of criminal procedure in order to promote the anti-gun agenda of the political elites and others.

Additionally, Senate Bill 1036, passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee with amendments. The bill, sponsored by state Senator Clarence Nishihara (D-13), would allow firearm owners who have failed to register their firearms within the required five day time period to do so without fear of penalty.

Once again, please click here to take action and contact your state Senator and urge them to oppose SB 898 when it comes up for a floor vote in the Senate.

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      1. I have always felt it was wrong for legislators to be able to vote themselves pay increases , health benefits, etc. . They should have the same health benefits as we have available. The only good thing I have ever found about Hawaii is that it was 500 miles further out than the troop ship my dad (a ww ll army medic) was on.

    1. If these morons had been alive on De 07, 1941, they would have buttkissed the invaders and welcomed them with open arms; What a bunch of moronic Anti-American low life slime. I guess liberals from Lala and and the east coast has completely infescted the Hawaiian Islands as they DO every nice place in the USA.

    2. The majority Republican U.S. Congress and President Trump should enact a law that make it a treasonous offense for legislators of both the federal and states’ governments to enact unconstitutional statutes that strip Americans of constitutionally “secured” rights. This “republic” was established “by” the people “FOR” the people which makes governments the creations “of” the people. We The People also have a contract in writing, the U.S. Constitution, which is the Supreme Law that dictates exactly what and what not those we hire (elect) to represent our best interests can and can not do. Being that we ARE the government (albeit in exile), wouldn’t overthrowing the constitutionally “secured” rights of this republic’s sovereigns be a blatant act of treason? And don’t we, as sovereigns have the right to hang seditionists and traitors that seek to overthrow us/our rights? A gallows should be built in front of every Statehouse and the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. to remind our elected “public servants” of just who’s supposed to be constitutionally in control. And we should patriotically use these gallows from time to time!

      1. Add the judicial along with periodical reviews of their records as well as shall be retained election options.
        Lets add time limits upon approval / disapproval of justices to the SCOTUS.

        1. Actually oldvet, I’m in agreement with the Founders that federal judges should have should have a lifetime appointment to the court. The Founders did this so that they wouldn’t be replaceable at a new POTUS’ whim. The problem we face is the partisan faction, the liberals in particular, that require candidates to jump through their hoops to be confirmed to the courts. These liberals believe that the Constitution is a “living” document (changeable by them and their wants) and seek only to confirm judges that espouse that view. To the contrary, the Constitution is NOT a “living” document. It says and means what it says in perpetuity, or until it’s amended constitutionally by an Article V action. We do however have a means to remove all judges from the bench. It is found in Article III, Sec. 1. I call it the “bad behavior clause”. It states that: “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour,”. Wouldn’t not following the Constitution’s mandates, as they are written, something they’ve ALL sworn to do, be considered “bad behavior”? This means that ALL judges are impeachable no matter the length of their terms in office. All we have to do now is to get the House to impeach these rogue judges and the Senate to try them and remove them from their benches.

          1. @B.Zerker, Well, you have it right of course, but we are not going to get the corrupt House and Senate members to impeach because they are all corrupt beyond what the founders ever conceived of. Now what will you do to protect the We the People.
            I propose that we institute new controls on the politicians, judges, and bureaucrats. Failing that, perhaps a National Day of Cleansing is in order.

            1. Wild Bill, You are of course correct in your assessment of the congresses (et.al.) throughout this republic. I think maybe a place to start would be to circulate petitions calling for the impeachment of unconstitutional judges/justices. Then when these petitions go unheeded and don’t get the results that We The People seek, impeach, or recall the Reps and Senators that will not perform the peoples’ will. (It worked in CO to a small extent.) Then if they don’t get the idea following the peaceful approach, your idea for a “National Day of Cleansing” would be constitutionally justified. (If you’ve read the Federalist Papers (45 & 46 in particular, in regard to a “people’s militia”, if I remember correctly) and a lot of quotes from the Founders, that is exactly what the Second Amendment was intended for.)

            2. Wild Bill, I wrote a reply, but for some reason it didn’t post, so I’ll see if I can recreate it: While I agree with you that most congress’ would most likely ignore the people’s call for the impeachment of unconstitutional jurists, we must not give up. Petitions could be circulated for their impeachment and then if the impeachment proceedings didn’t follow, impeachment or recall campaigns could be run against those Reps and Senators that would not heed the people’s wishes. (This worked in CO in two instances recently and you can bet that it got every politician’s attention nationwide.) This being the peaceful alternative, your suggestion for a “National Day of Cleansing” could always be a last resort if our We The People’s wishes still went unheeded. And we’d be within our rights to carry out such an armed rebellion. That is the main reason for the existence of the Second Amendment as written in Federalists 28 & 46.

            3. @B.Zerker, Better check your Federalist citations. The seem to talk about the power of the federal government to crush rebellion. And even though you are quite correct about all of the rest of it. I think that all of our politicians, judges, and bureaucrats are corrupt in more ways and to a greater extent than the founders were able to conceive. The founder did not create controls on the politicians, judiciary, and bureaucrats that are equal to the job, in these modern times. It is time for new, more complete, easy, and inexpensive ways to control those that are supposed to be working for us. Publius.

            4. Wild Bill, First off, the Founders’ goal was to create a self-governing system (each person free to govern his/her own affairs free of government intrusion) in with each persons rights were protected by a supreme law (the U.S. Constitution). They knew before Lord Acton was quoted saying it that: ‘Power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ and that by creating a central govt. body, that sooner or later that that body’s power would increase to the point that it became tyrannical. This realization was eluded to by Pubius throughout the Federalist essays and thanks to the anti-federalist influence at the Constitutional Convention, we were given a Bill of Rights to guard against the government’s encroachment upon those particular rights, the rights that would ensure that We The People would remain sovereign over those we hire to our business. And that’s all they are, they’re just employees we hire to do our business. We are their bosses! And while they individually have rights, Govt. itself has no rights, only limits and guidelines to follow. Rights are reserved to people and what better way to remain a sovereign people than to be equally armed and a constant threat to governments’ usurpations of power? The Founders figured that out and provided us with the tools to repeat 1776 if need be. As Jefferson, Franklin and Adams penned in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence: “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Why wouldn’t the same be true today if our employees had become tyrannical? Now I’m not for changing our system of government, I’m simply for ridding it of, by armed insurrection or the gallows if necessary, of all of those in it that usurp their constitutionally limited powers and call it law. And by the way, my sentiments are not sedition or treason because are we not a government of, for and by the people? The sedition and treason is entirely on their part because they are the ones that are, through their unconstitutional edicts, depriving us of our constitutional form of government and our secured rights.

              By the way, if you’d like to read something interesting on 2A, the Federalist and the Founders intent: http://www.guncite.com/gc2ndpur.html . In this you’ll find what I’m saying about the Founder’s intent of using future armed insurrection to reclaim our republic, if need be, is true.

          2. @BZerker: Sorry I should have been more succinct. I ment that the General ballots should have a yes or no shall retain question voted on by general public. We have that in Kansas, the biggest problem with it is there has to be a campaign against the individual judge the public tends to retain. We had an example of that this past election because we have some liberal judges who are trying to run school funding from the bench. We didn’t get enough word out fast enough to get them voted out. These judges are the most liberal part of our state government. They are still appointed same system as everywhere else. Unfortunately the last two governors were democraps. ” Kathlene subilious” sucked herself into an obummer appointment.

            1. As you know, the Kansas Supreme Court was appointed by RINO Gov Graves Queen Sebelius. There was a faction that had a campaign against four judges because they did not support an immediate execution of the Carr brothers.
              I voted against all five because the court keeps insisting that $4 billion isn’t enough to educate K-12
              Wichita is going to pay the new super $240,000 a year plus bonuses. Seems there is plenty of money for bureaucrats.

              It isn’t gun rights that these liberals meddle with, they want to brainwash our children, too.

    3. It won’t survive a trip to the SCOTUS.

      It doesn’t meet due process standards, and it crosses the line by removing a right without a crime having been committed or incontrovertible evidence of dangerous psychosis.

    4. Well the one ‘good’ thing is by doing this they’ve made themselves a soft target. If you were a terrorist where would YOU go? Hawaii, where they know no one will be armed? Or Texas where everybody and ESPECIALLY their grandmother is armed?

      You STILL can’t fix stupid!

      1. Well, the terrorists DID try Texas during that “draw Mohammad” contest.If memory serves, they got immediate lead inoculations for their efforts. So good on ya Texas!

    5. Making each U.S. citizen on the islands another “Pearl Harbor” type of waiting target…. They will not be prepared or armed for an attack. You would think they would have learned from the past. EVIL lurks everywhere, everyone is NOT your friend. A beautiful morning/day/evening can turn into terror in seconds.

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