Maluna Coolers- Innovating an Industry Bereft of Innovation

Maluna Coolers- Innovating an Industry Bereft of Innovation.
Maluna Coolers- Innovating an Industry Bereft of Innovation.

U.S.A.-( Scott Hoyt, inventor, and CEO of Maluna coolers, claims three main components to Maluna’s superiority in the existing cooler market.

The first is, of course, PERFORMANCE.

A Maluna cooler performs 20% better against the main competitors in the market place (as a matter of fact, there is a great comparison between the Maluna cooler and Yeti coolers on the kickstarter page showing a greater than 20% increased performance.)

The second component is FEATURES.

Things like an innovative drain plug with a temperature gauge built-in. Cooler feet that flip over depending on surface needs. Handles that can tie down while you can still open the lid. And let’s not forget- an integrated bottle opener.

The third, and perhaps most important component is VALUE.

Remember this phrase – “VALUE is not PRICE.”

Maluna is neither of the highest priced cooler, nor is it the lowest, but it arguably comes in as the best all-around “value” on the marketplace today. The average time for premium coolers to hold ice is approximately five days. If Maluna increases that time by 20%, that’s an EXTRA 24 hours of “cool time”… or even MORE.

That could mean an extra day in the field.

It could be the difference between food spoiling and keeping in hot conditions.

In the desert and mountains of the southwest United States, it could even mean the difference between survival and death.

That’s where Ace Luciano comes in.

A transplanted Midwesterner, Ace currently spends a great deal of his time in the outdoors in the desert, on the lakes, and in the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.

Ace bills himself as “A Hunter, a Fisherman, and Outdoorsman, but also a Husband, Father, Nomad, and Adventurer.”

“The places I go and the things I do necessitate the highest and best quality gear out there. Many of my travels and adventures take me places that are far away from not only the conveniences of modern life but things like help and medical assistance, should it be needed. Many times My life depends on quality, dependable, and effective products. If my waterproof apparel does not keep me dry, or my insulating apparel does not keep me warm, death from exposure is a very real possibility. Failure of a knife, a bow, a crossbow or firearm can not only cause injuries but further complicate what may already be a rather dangerous situation. I am very particular as to the products and brands that I endorse – and I am looking forward to putting the Maluna cooler through its paces.”

Check out the Maluna cooler at their website,, and be sure to view their “Kickstarter” page where you can get “pre-launch” pricing and all the information about comparison tests.

For more information about Ace Luciano, the products he endorses and recommends, putting your product in front of thousands of your ideal customers, and connections directly to the right people at the right places in the outdoor world, visit

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With RTIC being out of the game now due to a lawsuit from Yeti, I’m interested to see when these get released. With the unusual shape and “fixed” handles, these things are not going to pack well into the back of a truck or Jeep… Lots of wasted space when stacking several together…

Wild Bill

Go down to the Army-Navey surplus store, and get yourself a mermite can. You can put half of your refrigerator in one, the contents stay cold for days or hot for days, and you can accidentally drop them out of a moving airplane at ten thousand feet and your food survives. The come with three aluminum sleeves and sleeve covers so that you can have three different hot foods, or cold foods, or ice in some sleeves and frozen contents in the middle sleeve, or some other combination. A mermite will save you a bundle. (note: I never did know… Read more »

Wild Bill

Oh and they are made in America.


Are you going to make these coolers in the USA ?
That could be the best move ever for your company, thins produced in ‘China’ don’t get great reception here in the states .

Good luck !!

Scott Hoyt

GREAT information Ace. Bullseye.


Good move Scott :))

Such a liberal move :))