Minnesota DNR Announces Sign-Up For Frog, Toad Survey

The Department of Natural Resources is seeking volunteers to help monitor Michigan’s population of toads and frogs, like this mink frog. Photo courtesy of James Harding.
Frog. Photo courtesy of James Harding.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Volunteers are needed to help the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources track population changes in the state’s 14 frog and toad species as part of an annual survey.

“The frog and toad survey would not be possible without the dedication of generous volunteers,” said Janine Kohn, project coordinator. “Frogs and toads are indicators of habitat quality and provide valuable information on the condition of Minnesota’s wetlands. Through this 21-year citizen science program, volunteers gather important data which helps us track the health of the state’s frog and toad populations and, therefore, wetlands and water quality.”

This year, some survey participants will pilot a new mobile app to send their field observations to the DNR.

This is an addition to last year’s new sign-up map. Volunteers drive to 10 designated stops on a route and conduct nighttime “listening surveys” on three evenings between March and July to capture seasonal variations in frog and toad species.

“People should sign up now, to connect with nature while participating in this exciting citizen science adventure,” Kohn said.

The continued help of Minnesotans who volunteer their time and donate to the Nongame Wildlife Checkoff on their state income tax returns helps the DNR Nongame Wildlife Program perform important surveys and research studies like the annual frog and toad calling survey.