MOJO Scoot-n-Shoot and Tail Chaser Max Now Available

MOJO Outdoors
MOJO Outdoors

U.S.A.-( MOJO Outdoors, announces that their revolutionary decoys made for the Scoot-n-Shoot style of turkey hunting have been shipped to better retailers for purchase. Turkey seasons are upon us.

MOJO has absolutely REVOLUTIONIZED how we turkey hunt with the Scoot-N-Shoot style of hunting using the Scoot-N-Shoot and Tail Chaser Series of Decoys. Certainly the most exciting and arguably the most successful method of hunting long beard gobblers. They will come to run you off to protect their hens and their territory. It is their nature.

The new Scoot-N-Shoot is lighter and more compact for better mobility while you scoot in order to shoot. The new Tail Chaser is styled the Tail Chaser Max and has a bigger fan with realistic gobbler head on it, and a new mounting system to provide more site picture and to allow for optical sights. Also, comes with hub to accommodate a real fan.

Mojo Scoot N Shoot
Mojo Scoot N Shoot
Mojo Tail Chaser Max
Mojo Tail Chaser Max

About MOJO Outdoors

MOJO has long been recognized as the company that revolutionized waterfowl, turkey, predator, and dove hunting with their constant innovation and from that has continued to lead the way bringing new and exciting products to the market place that change how we hunt. MOJO is not just another “me too” company, our goal is to truly raise the bar.

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Crotalus Maxximus

This thing is going to get somebody shot and or killed. Turkey hunting safety rules:
1 Know your target.
2 Never carry a dead bird or decoy around without concealing it or marking it with blaze orange cover.
3 Never wear Red, Blue, or White while Turkey hunting or moving thru an area with other hunters.
Not an all inclusive list but it makes my point.