A (Very) Quick Overview of NCAA Rifle Competition Rules

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USA -(Ammoland.com)- The 2017 NCAA Rifle Championships start today, Friday March 10, on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where 48 of the nation’s best student-athlete shooters will compete for team and individual glory over two days.

The accuracy, focus and talent of these competitors is astounding, and is the product of years of intense training. To set a completely level playing field and ensure the integrity of these shooting matches, where mere fractions of inches are the difference between champions and runners-up, the rules must be thorough – and they are, indeed.

We won’t throw the rulebook at you and ask you to memorize each line, but we have compiled some of the important highlights that govern NCAA rifle competitions. With these rules in mind, you can understand what to look for when following this weekend’s National Championship, and begin to understand just how impressive the feats of shooting skill exhibited by all collegiate shooters are.

Close Quarters
Bylaws 17.02.3 and 17.02.4 dictate that a “countable contest,” which contributes points toward the standings, is a match where squads of at least four student-athletes from two opposing schools shoot in shoulder-to-shoulder competition. All matches during the NCAA Qualifier weekend are shot shoulder-to-shoulder, as well.

(Photo courtesy/U.S. Air Force Academy)

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