Nonlead Ammunition Required Statewide for 2017 Spring Wild Turkey Season

California Turkeys
California Turkeys
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

USA -( The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is reminding hunters that nonlead ammunition is now required statewide when hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun.

The upcoming 2017 spring wild turkey season will be the first hunting season with significant participation for which nonlead shot will be required statewide.

These regulations apply both to public and private lands (except for licensed game bird clubs), including all national forests, Bureau of Land Management properties and CDFW lands.

Private landowners or anyone authorized to hunt on private land must also comply with these regulations.

California’s 2017 general spring wild turkey season opens statewide on March 25 and extends through April 30. The archery-only season will follow immediately afterward, running from May 1-14.

Hunters who have a current junior hunting license may also hunt the weekend before the opener (March 18 and 19), and the two weeks following the general season (May 1-14), using shotguns or any other legal method of take.

Hunters are encouraged to practice shooting with nonlead shot in order to ensure their shotguns are patterned appropriately before heading into the field.

For more information on nonlead ammunition regulations and the implementation process, please visit their website.

  • 2 thoughts on “Nonlead Ammunition Required Statewide for 2017 Spring Wild Turkey Season

    1. Take to heart the advice to pattern new ammo type. One spring a few years back I found Heavy Steel on sale and bought a large supply of it. When waterfowl season rolled around I put the Heavy Steel to use and couldn’t hit a thing… and I’m a pretty good shot (regular trap shooter). It wasn’t until a low flying incoming duck opened my eyes as to why I was missing – the pattern on the water was almost a foot left of the incomer. After that revelation I went to the pattern board at the gun club to test the Heavy Steel and some other steel loads. Sure enough the Heavy Steel patterned high and to the left of point of aim – there was not a single pellet within 10 inches of the target center. Through testing other loads I found that my X2 favored 3 inch Remington High Speed steel. After making the switch to the Remington shells the ducks fell with great regularity. Today, some 10 years later, I still have lots of Heavy Steel in the ammo safe. LOL.

    2. If lead is sooo dangerous to wildlife… why is it OK for (except for licensed game bird clubs)? Is the areas where the “endangered species” avoid?

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