NRA Applauds Secretary Zinke’s Protection of Traditional Ammunition

Secretary Ryan Zinke signing Secretarial Orders for sportsmen and women on day one (Source: Department of the Interior)
Secretary Ryan Zinke signing Secretarial Orders for sportsmen and women on day one (Source: Department of the Interior)

FAIRFAX, Va. -( The National Rifle Association applauds Secretary Zinke’s decision to withdraw Director’s Order No. 219, a decree imposed on the final day of the Obama presidency to ban the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on national wildlife refuges.

Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, attended the official signing of Secretarial Order 3347.

“This was a reckless, unilateral overreach that would have devastated the sportsmen's community,” said Cox. “The Obama administration failed to consult with state fish and wildlife agencies or national angling and hunting organizations in issuing this order. This was not a decision based on sound scientific evidence — it was a last second attack on traditional ammunition and our hunting heritage.”

Issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on January 19, 2017, Director’s Order No. 219 bans the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on lands, waters, and facilities managed by the Service.

Today's action demonstrates Secretary Zinke’s commitment to protecting our country’s treasured outdoor legacy.

“The fact is that traditional ammunition does not pose a significant population-level risk for wildlife. On behalf of the five million members of the NRA and tens of millions of American sportsmen, we thank Secretary Zinke for eliminating this arbitrary attack on our hunting heritage,” Cox concluded.


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  • 7 thoughts on “NRA Applauds Secretary Zinke’s Protection of Traditional Ammunition

    1. Who exactly is the stupid one here. The person who put the lead ban into place or the person who rescinded it. As a resident of Montana I know it is the latter. Have any of you heard of lead poisoning in humans? Lead paint in children? Lead in the water in Flint, MI? Go ahead and hide your collective heads in the sand, but I will not consume any waterfowl I shoot on a wildlife preserve. Oh and yes I am a hunter and not a “snowflake” libeal.

    2. Now to get some of the stupid EPA regs repealed so our lead smelters can begin producing again..without them it won’t matter if lead is still legal.

      1. Your comment made me curious. Is smelters producing again essential to lead ammo supply and price? I read about the Doe Run smelter, which wasn’t meeting 2008 EPA air quality standards, and finally closed years later, as agreed with EPA, in 2013. EPA enforcement and various state and fed tax incentives gave industry an economic reason to invest in a cleaner “wet chemical” technology process for primary ore. At scale and maturity, the newer lead process is expected to be more competitive in global markets. Ammo is usually made from recycled lead, not primary lead ore. Sierra, for example, “uses no primary lead at all and never has.”

    3. What other stupid rules are going to be uncovered as time goes on? Ex pres. O,scumma was a real piece of work! How many other last minute rules did he put in place just as he left office? Can you just imagine what this country would have become had that douc bag Swillary been elected? My god, I can’t even imagine!

    4. Great news secretary Zinke reversing Obamas lead ammunition and fishing tackle ban.
      Forgive my ignorance, but his secretary Zinke the Virginia state government official only or is he federal?
      It would be great if is his ban reversal was nationwide as opposed to applying to Virginia only.
      If he is only a state official is still good news for Virginia but doesn’t do much to help sportsmen in other states.
      Please tell me he is a federal official.

      1. Yes, he’s federal. He’s the Interior Secretary. It’s easier to understand if you describe him as The Secretary for the Dept of the Interior.

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