Obama Care , Let’s Just Fix It…NOT

Art by Michael Ramirez

Obama Care , Let's Just Fix It...NOT
Obama Care , Let's Just Fix It…NOT
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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Obama Care , Let's Just Fix It…NOT.

“Still have not seen an official version of the House Obamacare replacement bill, but from media reports this sure looks like Obamacare Lite!” ~ Senator Rand Paul‏

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About Michael Ramirez

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News. Share this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor. Visit : www.michaelpramirez.com

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  • 10 thoughts on “Obama Care , Let’s Just Fix It…NOT

    1. Heres something stupid and trivial that I don’t understand about the whole deal. When I retired I lost my group coverage. I swear it was some one at medicare who told me I had a three month window to get new coverage. I shopped around and used most of the three months. The following year I get a letter you didn’t have coverage for three months so we are fining you $1.10 ok no big deal. the following year I get a letter we are fining you $1.10 so I call to ask about it. OH YES that is correct you will have to pay that $1.10 every year from now on. Stupid, Trivial , typical gov. No that’s not a miss print One Dollar Ten cents.

    2. Well for some reason this will not pull up the post form Colonialgirl, and I would like to reply to it. In fact when I pulled this up to reply it doesn’t show my original comment. Now this happens to me on this sight, and I know it will show up on my computer soon.

      Colonialgirl: First, I have been a registered independent for 46 years and I have never voted a straight ticket in my life. I lean way right and also left, and I don’t want a party telling me how to think. My way Right view is to cut every government in our country by 10% Today, with maybe the only exception being those being paid less then $40,000. I have yet to fine tune it and it will never fly on the right nor the left.

      As for What else Colonialgirl wrote I would say I agree 100%, but of course subject to a little more Marble time as it was a lot of info to digest. I am still trying to get over Bush 2 and his Medicare Part D, and my Marbles have never figured that one out. But, I guess a lot of US have benefited from it, and I assume Bid Drug Money pushed it along. So please don’t call me a Lefty, but also please don’t call me a Righty as I really don’t like much about any form on government nor parties. Thanks Dave

    3. Been a liberal Long there DAVE??
      BEST thing for the country and the Taxpayers is to END obamacare absolutely and completely, Open up and let insurance companies issue policies across state lines and promote competition, reduce regulations. Now for Medicare, make the drug companies BID for the right to supply medicare and Medicaid with a drug, that would significantly lower the prices and costs instead of the asinine system they use now (and probably with handouts to politicians).
      Set up a program to cover disastrous medical problems that do crop up and for God’s sake let’s shut down the FRAUD that has been taking place with all the fakers sucking at the teat. CUT OFF ALL the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS from ANY medical care and ship them BACK to Mexico.

      1. I tried to reply directly to your post, but the sight would not let me. So I replied as a new comment. Please read it and let me know how long you think I have been an Independent. Anyway, I can now see your post, my post, and the next post. To bad not enough of any of US respond. As for the cartons, cute, and stupid. Sorry it is way toooo short or narrow sighted. Dave PS: I have not researched why Bush 2 did the whole Part D thing. I know I did not agree with it then nor do I today, but he had his reasons, and I am Sure Big Rx had something to do with it. . I like Both Bushes, and OH Yaw I Voted For Trump.So now do you know who I am and for how long I have been such?

    4. I have been paying for my own Health Insurance for about 15 years. First year out I got better coverage then my group plan and it cost less. Yep, they charge groups more, but it is an easy way to be insured. Over those 15 years it increased at least 10% every year, why, Only They Know. When I turned 60 it went up 33% and that was before The ACA really made a bit of difference. Today I pay $1,080 per month for the middle type plan, yes that amount is correct. Did The ACA cause this increase, nope, well a little bit of it was due to the ACA as sick people could get insurance and simple stuff like that. My point is it is not really The ACA we need to worry about. It has always been and is the Big Insurance Companies and Health Care Providers that keep raising rates in excess of 10% a year. Trump won’t do a darn thing as A, he doesn’t understand it, and B, the Big guys will laugh at him. There is a way to make them see the light but I don’t think or Government has the guts to do it.

      You may say what does his guy know. I was in the industry for like 27 years. I have always hated Health Insurance Companies, and Providers ain’t far behind them on my hate scale. Me, a guy that really doesn’t hate much, other then these 2 clowns, and of course most anything to do with any kind of Government. But they will do what they do as they don’t care about you or me.

      As for the Cartoon, most of them are mainly one sided hate stuff, and kind of sad. As for Firearms which is what Ammo Land is about, I currently have over 220 some older then 100 years, and I shot 99% of them. Yet I have not rejoined The NRA in years as they try to drive a wedge when the should be trying to bring Them into the fold. Sad but true, and mostly groups and people do what they do to make money, which is sad as they could be promoting US as in USA.

      Now if I get any hate type mail it simply means that you cannot see both sides, try it you may find true Freedom. Constructive replies, even those that disagree, but at least have some knowledge to back it up are Welcome. Me, I ain’t the smartest, but our Governments are dumber yet. I hope Trump really Gets it and Gets the job done, and only time will tell. So I will wait and see if he gets er done for All of US. Dave

    5. The big problem with Obamacare is that it has now been (mostly) implemented. I compare it to one of those nasty worms in the SciFi shows that crawls in you ear and winds itself around the brainstem. Obamacare is now wound around the country’s brainstem, and it will take some work to extricate it without killing the patient (the country). I truly would like to just see it repealed, but that is now more difficult than it would have been a few years ago.

    6. Watched s couple of shows last night that tried to explain what congress is doing. It kind of makes since, but it should not be that complicated. That is congress’s fault!!!

    7. I like my Ruger SR1911 it is one of the finest handgun I own.My CCW weapon is model 85 Taurus 38 with 2 speed loaders to me it is easy to carry on hip or in coat pocket or tucked in pants. I buy my own health care it had been that way for ever for those who give a sh#t. I love my Smith & Weson AR15 and I am a member of the NRA

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