Pennsylvania Pheasant Permit Needed In 2017-18

Two Pheasants
Two Pheasants
Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

USA -( Adult and senior hunters in Pennsylvania who pursue pheasants will need to purchase a pheasant permit in addition to a general hunting license in the 2017-18 license year.

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to creating a pheasant permit that would be required for all adult and senior hunters who pursue or harvest pheasants.

The permit would cost $25 for adults and seniors, including senior lifetime license holders. Junior hunters would not need a permit to hunt pheasants.

While Pennsylvania once was home to a robust wild pheasant population, in recent decades, pheasant hunting has relied entirely upon the stocking of farm-raised birds.

The Game Commission annually has raised and released about 200,000 pheasants for release on state game lands and other properties where public hunting is permitted. While the program has been popular with hunters, it has been costing the agency about $4.7 million a year. And without a permit, there’s no funding mechanism in place to help sustain it.

Meanwhile, fees for general hunting and furtaker licenses haven’t been adjusted for inflation since 1998, leaving the Game Commission in recent years to make difficult financial decisions, including budget reductions to the pheasant program.

In December, the agency announced it would close two of its four pheasant farms – a move that is expected to reduce annual program costs by about $1.7 million.

Additionally, Game Commission staff have projected a pheasant permit would generate about $1.5 million a year in new revenue.

By making the program more self-sufficient, creation of a pheasant permit helps to ensure the future of pheasant hunting in Pennsylvania, the commissioners said.

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    1. 1also nave been buying hunting licence since I was 16 years old I’m 70 now and when I purchased my lifetime licence it was for all game legal to hunt in PA !!! I would like to know where is all the Gas money going and property that was paided for wells, and right of ways for the pipeline to be constructed somebody has a pocket full of money and it’s not the hunters Billy

    2. The senior hunter gets screwed again.i have been buying a pa license for 53 years, living on a social security check and now I have to buy a pheasant stamp. I have a lifetime senior license now, when does it end?

      1. i purchased a senior lifetime license to hunt phesants now they say its not good, cant believe this is legal

    3. I believe they purchase birds from a contractor. ALSO LAST TIME WE WENT PHEASANT HUNTING… which was about 2 hours after birds where released we and 10 other hunters did not see a single bird. Without a dog it is a waste of time. Then the winter kills them off. Family hunts out west… wild pheasants and what a difference. I will not spend 25 bucks since…. we never see any pheasants. Now wild are a different experience. Worth the 3500 mile round trip. PA needs wild pheasants. Tame coop raised birds just feeds the coyotes.

    4. I don’t understand where this will work. They are closing pheasant farms and want to charge 25 dollars to hunt pheasants,If the farms are closed where are they going to get the pheasants to stock. I would never pay for a permit,It is a waste of money

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