Protecting Those Who Protect Others: Introducing SlashPRO Slash Resistant Clothing

SlashPro Cloths
SlashPro Cloths

USA -( SlashPRO Slash Resistant Clothing is designed to protect frontline professionals working in hostile environments, including prison and correctional facility officers, homeland security professionals, police officers and those in the private security sector.

Slashing dangers are relatively frequent for these workers and an occupational risk faced on a daily basis. Rapid blood loss often leads to fatality, and it is the SlashPRO mission to protect professionals at risk, with a range of easy-to-wear, slash and cut resistant clothing.

The SlashPRO clothing range provides extensive protection to body and limbs, also covering the five main arterial areas: Radial (wrist), Brachial (along bicep), Carotid (throat), Axillary (beneath arm pit) and Femoral (thigh region).

Rusty Keeble, CEO of The Gang Enforcement Company commented: “The slash-resistant combat shirt is one bad ass piece of officer protection wear. The design is comfortable, professional-looking and allows you to move freely and naturally”.

It certainly took a while to finalise all garment designs and develop full confidence that all customer needs will have been met by the first series of designs.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of SlashPRO and parent company PPSS Group says: “I am absolutely over the moon knowing SlashPRO Clothing has finally been launched.”

“Following several reported incident, which has seen officers around the world being slashed and suffering rapid blood loss, we ate PPSS Group felt strongly that slash resistant clothing can prevent such injuries and ultimately safe lives.”

One of the most recent reported incidents took place at the Maghaberry Jail in Norther Ireland which saw a female prison officer being slashed across her face.

Full details can be found on the Irish News website.

Orders for SlashPRO clothing have been taken from highly regarded professionals and companies worldwide, of which many have provided excellent testimonial to the quality of the clothing range.

Please visit their website to view the full catalogue of slash and cut-resistant clothing, as well as testimonials and a filmed product demonstration.

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Stabbing and slashing are two different beasts, but slash resistant is to some degree stab resistant, though much less though.


I notice they don’t call it STAB pro. Slashes are much easier to protect from; their FAQ didn’t address this. That being said, I would love to have one of these garments.