Top 5 Schools to Watch at This Year’s NCAA Rifle Championships

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USA -( The NCAA Rifle Championships are just days away, scheduled for March 10 and 11 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The Buckeye State welcomes the nation’s best 48 collegiate shooters from across the country for two days of competition, culminating in the crowning of team and individual champions.

Of the 29 eligible NCAA Rifle programs in the U.S., the top eight teams will square off in Columbus, with eight individual qualifiers from schools whose team did not qualify for the championships.

Since the introduction of the NCAA Rifle Championships in 1980, two programs have dominated the field. The University of Alaska Fairbanks has earned 10 titles, while the reigning champion Mountaineers of West Virginia University have won 18 NCAA National Championships, including the last four straight.

This year, these five schools sit atop the standings, all looking ahead to capturing the trophy and earning the rights to the name “champion.”

1. Texas Christian University (TCU)
The Horned Frogs of TCU, one of the nation’s only women-only squads, are heading to their 11th consecutive NCAA Rifle Championships. The team concluded the most impressive regular season in the program’s history, finishing with a 13-0 record and winning its second-straight Patriot Rifle Conference Championship. With all-star years from Ariana Grabowski in smallbore and NCAA-leading Mindy Miles in air rifle, the Horned Frogs look destined for greatness.

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