Slight Reduction Incoming for Utah Deer Hunting Permits

Utah Bucks
Utah Bucks
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR)
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR)

USA -( Drought conditions, followed by a tough winter in parts of the state, might lead to a slight reduction in the number of general season buck deer hunting permits available in Utah this fall.

Permits for other species, including desert bighorn sheep, bison and pronghorn, might increase.

DWR biologists are recommending a slight decrease in the number of general season buck deer permits available for hunts in Utah this fall.

All of the big game hunting permit recommendations for this fall’s hunts are available online.

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After you’ve reviewed the ideas, you can let your Regional Advisory Council members know your thoughts by attending your upcoming RAC meeting or by sending an email to them.

RAC chairmen will share the input they receive with members of the Utah Wildlife Board. The board will meet in Salt Lake City on April 27 to approve permit numbers for Utah’s 2017 big game hunts.

Dates, times and locations for the RAC meetings are as follows.

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