The Stench of ObamaCare

Art by Michael Ramirez

The Stench of ObamaCare
The Stench of ObamaCare
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USA –-( The Stench of ObamaCare.

“The bill’s in trouble,” Schumer said during a press briefing in the Capitol. “It’s in trouble in the House; it’s in even more trouble in the Senate; and we Democrats are unified [in opposition and to obstruct].”

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Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News. Share this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor. Visit :

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  • 3 thoughts on “The Stench of ObamaCare

    1. 10-4 Copy Your Last! Both sides Stink, and when they learn to work together again Great Things can happen.

      Insurance Companies Stink, mainly Health Insurance, and before u go saying what do I know, well I worked in the industry for 30 years, and trust me they stink. They do not care who our President is. There is away to get their attention, drop the word Nationalize in their lap. They will sit up straight and even listen to US. I am not saying we need to nationalize health insurance nor health care, but then what else has been going up in price by at least 10% a year for at least the past 15 years??? Trust me I know as I pay for my own coverage. This year $1,080.00 per month for an average plan. I have never met my deductible in over 40 years, but I carry it anyway, and I pay and pay and pay. And, No, it was not all because of the ACA, as it was a beast years before the ACA. Dave

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