Texas based NPC Bodybuilding, Fitness Expos Seeks Firearms Industry Vendors

Ronnie Coleman Poster
Ronnie Coleman Poster
Metroflex Gym logo
Metroflex Gym logo

ARLINGTON, Texas -(Ammoland.com)- As the bodybuilding and fitness industry continues to develop and expand, Brian Dobson, owner of Metroflex Gym in Arlington has expanded his influence by organizing and promoting a series of NPC (National Physique Committee) sanctioned competitions featuring expansive expos in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

With over 20 years of promoting some of the largest expos in the nation, Metroflex Events looks to expand its audiences by offering unique events to their patrons.

Mr. Dobson also serves as a hunting guide and has had a longtime interest in firearms and shooting. This sentiment is commonly shared by the attendee demographics at these events, and for the sake of adding more flair and diversity to the expos.

Brian and his team have interest in attracting companies from the firearms industry to exhibit and share the audience of an average 3 to 5 thousand attendees at each event.

The shows currently feature events not only from the NPC Bodybuilding / Fitness stage, but also in Powerlifting, Strongman, Crossfit, Wrestling and Olympic Lifting.

Those interested may contact Mr. Dobson directly or complete the vendor registration form, click here.

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