Triggersafe – Providing a Safety Option When You Don’t Have Positive Control

Triggersafe - Providing a Safety option when you do not have positive control
Triggersafe – Providing a Safety option when you do not have positive control

U.S.A.-( Triggersafe is a new, unique, innovative, patent pending device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of AR-15 rifles.

Triggersafe was designed to fix a weapon problem that officers and citizens knew occurred, but no one wanted to discuss, Negligent or Accidental Discharges. When a person with a rifle does not have “positive control” of the weapon, the chances of an ND/AD discharge increase. Positive control is when we have our hands on the weapon and control the safety and trigger. The chance that a piece of gear or other object or even you can push the trigger is greatly reduced with a Triggersafe in place. Triggersafe was intended for environments and times when we don’t have full control of the weapon.

It was intended for times such as training, range time, dry handling, hunting, transportation, storage and many others to help avoid ND/AD discharges when we do not have positive control of the rifle. Triggersafe is inexpensive, quick and easy to use by snapping on or off the trigger guard of AR-15 platforms in a second or less, providing security for the rifle professional.

Quick and easy to use by snapping on or off the trigger guard of AR-15 platforms in a second or less.
Quick and easy to use by snapping on or off the trigger guard of AR-15 platforms in a second or less.

Triggersafe should be used in conjunction with a chamber flag when the weapon is unloaded but unlike a chamber flag, Triggersafe can be used on a loaded weapon and can be seen easily from both sides of the weapon. Triggersafe is the only product on the market that addresses this area for rifles.

Triggersafe is manufactured in LaPorte, Indiana. This advanced safety feature is being used by citizens around the country, officers and SWAT Teams. Shotgun versions of Triggersafe arriving 2017. For more information or to contact us at Triggersafe, go to Stay safe everyone

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I wonder if anyone’s ever studied the comparative negligence rate between police, and non-government enthusiasts like hunters and competitors?

I bet nobody wants to talk about that either.

And yet “only police can be trusted with guns”? Because “they have all that training”?

*We* don’t need entire product lines to be invented to cut down on the number of bullet holes in precinct locker rooms.

2nd Amender

So, NEGLIGENT DISCHARGES only happen to thoughtless idiots……

robert penny

It’s aimed at you AR shooters, it won’t work on anything else. EvIL bLaCk gUns. 🙂


For those who still don’t get it, the lyrics to the basic training song were “Keep your booger picker off the bang switch boys!” LOL

Dave Brown

Sorry but this is a non-starter. Why would you use this on any weapon that already has a Safety? I like Safeties, I grew up with them, I would not hunt without using my safety, nor would I hunt with anyone that is not using their safety. Yes some of us have pulled up to shoot our hunted, and forgot to take the safety off, but if I was in a human hunting situation the safety would be on until I know it is time to take it off. I own and carry a number of Safe-less pistol, IE Glock,… Read more »

Mike Murray

This is another attempt to make the gun safe, rather than the operator. No amount of safety fixes will do that. Doesn’t the AR have a safety/selector switch? Check your gear, safe your weapon, finger off the trigger!

2nd Amender

Saddle Up, time to Rock and Roll, Lock and Load, Weapon on Safe!

This looks to be a great training aid. Those FNGs are some nervous critters. Confidence is earned!

Bob's Your Uncle

It is just a quick release trigger lock without the lock


Another safety device for people who fondle their guns in public?

Roy D.

I just can’t see where this device has a place at all. Except maybe in the mind of a fear driven politician or police chief. Wait, that’s the same thing isn’t it.

Big Lou

If my firearm is loaded I’m in control of it period. This is a false safety for unappropriate handling of your firearm. I can see it’s use for police but not for civilian use. You should always know the status of your firearms. Covering are putting something over your trigger is now a wise idea on a loaded or unloaded firearm. That is an accident waiting to happen. If you must use some type of warning device, a chamber flag is more appropriate, at least the firearm will be unloaded to use it, and you will be nowhere near the… Read more »

Big Lou

Or and not


Wouldn’t it be better to not transport a loaded weapon? I’m trying to think of a situation I’ve been in where I’d use this. It might have a use in law enforcement, I guess.


What are you scared of? Transporting an unloaded weapon, in the case of personal protection, defeats the purpose of even having it! Being familiar with your weapon and understanding gun safety eliminates the need for trinkets like this. There are only two instances that I can see this being used, 1) As an added “safety” when shipping the weapon, 2) for military and law enforcement during range quals (seen lots of ADs/NDs by privates and legs on military ranges) or administrative. Definitely not worth the $10 price tag!