URGENT ISRA ALERT – Contact Committee Members to Oppose HB2354

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Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

USA -(Ammoland.com)- The gun-grabbers in the Illinois General Assembly are moving full speed ahead with their plans to empty your gun safe.

This time, they’re hiding behind the important social issue of “domestic violence” to justify their attacks on your right to keep and bear arms.

HB2354, sponsored by Rep. Kathleen Willis (D-Addison, (217) 782-3374), would allow any family member of yours swear out a “Lethal Violence Order of Protection (LeVOOP)” against you.

Once the LeVOOP is sworn out on you, your FOID will be revoked as well as your carry permit and then your local police will be forced to come confiscate your guns and ammunition.

So, what justification would your family(s) member need to be successful in getting a LeVOOP sworn out on you? The answer is simple, they only must “think” that you are dangerous.

To get LeVOOP-ed, you don’t have to commit any overt act such as smacking someone, boosting a liquor store, or baying at the moon naked on a street corner. No, all you must do is have a relative think you are “dangerous” and YOUR GUNS ARE GONE.

If your meddlesome mother-in-law thinks you made a “dangerous” choice for President last year – your guns are gone.

If your spoiled kid thinks you’re “dangerous” for not buying him that new video game that he wants – your guns are gone.

If your slacker brother-in-law thinks that you’re “dangerous” just for owning guns, he can get you LeVOOP-ed and your guns are gone.

HB2354 is a prime example of a dangerous new tactic being deployed by the gun-grabbers. They have failed miserably so far in outright gun bans, so now they’re seeking to greatly expand the envelope of “prohibited persons” while shrinking the envelope of what constitutes a “lawful gun owner.”

Latching on to emotional social issues as cover, the gun-grabbers will use unfounded suspicion as a tool to dismantle our Constitution. And, in the end, the grabbers will just shrug their shoulders and tell you that it is your fault that you lost your guns – not theirs.



1. Contact your State Representative and politely tell him/her that you are a law-abiding gun owner and that you expect them to vote against HB2354 should the bill come to a vote. To verify who your State Representative is, use the lookup apps available at the Illinois State Board of Elections website. (click here)

2. HB2354 is scheduled for a hearing before the House Judiciary – Criminal Committee on Tuesday, March 14th. The members of the Judiciary – Criminal Committee are listed below. If you want to save your gun rights, call each of the representatives listed below at their Springfield and District offices and politely tell them that you are a lawful gun owner and you oppose HB2354.

Start calling and emailing the committee members on Monday, March 13th.

  1. Rep. Elgie Sims, (217) 782-6476, (773) 783-8800, [email protected]
  2. Rep. Kelly Cassidy, (217) 782-8088, (773) 784-2002, [email protected]
  3. Rep. Brian Stewart, (217) 782-8186, (815) 232-0774, [email protected]
  4. Rep. Terri Bryant, (217) 782-0387, (618) 242-8115, [email protected]
  5. Rep. John Cabello, (217) 782-0455, (815) 282-0083, [email protected]
  6. Rep. Will Guzzardi, (217) 782-1032, (773) 227-9720, [email protected]
  7. Rep. Rita Mayfield, (217) 782-1012, (847) 599-2800, [email protected]
  8. Rep. Christian Mitchell, (217) 782-2023, (773) 924-1755, [email protected]
  9. Rep. Elaine Nekritz, (217) 558-1004, (847) 229-5499,[email protected]
  10. Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst, (217) 782-5981, (815) 523-7779, [email protected]
  11. Rep. Justin Slaughter, (217) 782-0010, (773) 445-9700,[email protected]
  12. Rep. Juliana Stratton, (217) 782-4535, (312) 291-9443,[email protected]
  13. Rep. Barbara Wheeler, (217) 782-1664, (847) 973-0064,[email protected]

3. Pass this alert on to all your friends and family and have them make calls too.

4. Post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulletin boards, and social media sites to which you belong.


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Don S.

” your FOID will be revoked”
What is a FOID?


Wow. Watch out. All the reps on the House Judiciary – Criminal Committee are from Chicago and northern Illinois, with the exception of Rep. Bryant. Gee, all Chicago people. What could possibly go wrong? Prepare for a battle.

Jim S

Illinois, sliding closer and closer to the social order of Californistan, where they decide whats good for you and there is no freedom of choice. You better get on the ball here or welcome in a brave new world of controls…


Once again ‘Due Process’ is being eliminated!