VCDL-PAC Endorses Jill Vogel For Lieutenant Governor In Primary

Jill Vogel
Jill Vogel
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

USA -( On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, the Republican Party will be holding a statewide Primary to select their nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

VCDL-PAC is proud to endorse Senator JILL VOGEL for Lieutenant Governor in the Republican Primary!

Gun Owners really CANNOT LOSE for Lieutenant Governor! While their qualifications are VERY close, Sen. JILL VOGEL edges Sen. Bryce Reeves in categories such as longer affiliation, and carrying better bills.

They are evenly matched on the VCDL voting record scorecards: Tied in 2013, he topped her in 2014 and 2015, she has edged him this year and last (2017 scores will not be released until after the veto session, but now stand 100 percent to 98 percent). BOTH carried bills last year to restore reciprocity, and answered the survey VERY PRO-GUN.

Delegate Glenn Davis turned in a VERY PRO-GUN survey, but falls behind the other candidates in all other metrics.

While concerns have been expressed over Vogel’s momentary emotional wavering in the aftermath of the tragic 2012 Newtown massacre, she quickly recovered her logical perspective and never cast an errant vote when it mattered.

In the end, this comes down to a Tale of Two Bills:

2011: Sen. Vogel carried SB 2250, State Agency Preemption. When Philip Van Cleave and I arrived at the Senate Rules Committee, she told us, “They are going to gut the bill. If we let them, we might get something. If we insist on the bill as is, we will lose. I’ll stand my ground, if you want. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?” [This is the sign of a TRUE supporter, asking US what it MEANS to accomplish something meaningful in the face of hostility!]

2017: Sen. Reeves carries SB 1347, Concealed Weapon Permits. The VCDL Board chooses to highlight THREE BILLS on Lobby Day: Senator Dick Black’s Constitutional Carry, Delegate Dave LaRock’s Church Carry, and Senator Reeves’ Concealed Weapons. The very next morning, Senator Reeves approached Philip and myself in the hall and says, “House Republicans don’t like it. GUYS, I’M OUT.”

Which approach would you say inspires more confidence?

It is a very close race, but with all possible aspects either tied, or in her favor, VCDL-PAC chooses to endorse Sen. JILL VOGEL for Lt. Governor!

The bar is SKY HIGH now. It is NOT just a strong survey anymore. It is voting scorecards, the caliber of bills carried, and how those bills are handled that now becomes the barometer for a VCDL-PAC endorsement.

You have yourselves to thank, VCDL grassroots members, for this excellent situation we find ourselves in. ALL the Republican candidates for Governor and Lt Governor, and half the candidates for Attorney General returned the survey, declaring where they will stand on YOUR rights. (It’s a real shame that *none* of the Democrat candidates have answered the survey.) VCDL members have fostered an environment of elected officials vying for leadership in advancing YOUR right to keep and bear arms!

Our thanks to ALL the candidates who returned their VCDL Candidate Surveys!

VOTE for Senator JILL VOGEL for Lieutenant Governor in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, JUNE 13th!


Bob Sadtler

Chairman, VCDL-PAC