Wetlands, Waterways Jeopardized Following Administration Decision

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

WASHINGTON -(Ammoland.com)- Backcountry Hunters & Anglers today condemned an administration decision to withdraw the Clean Water Rule, commonsense guidance that would enhance critical fish and wildlife habitat, improve the nation's supply of drinking water and restore clarity to the federal Clean Water Act.

BHA Conservation Director John Gale strongly criticized the executive order issued by President Trump.

“America’s hunters and anglers expect our elected leaders to make decisions that will enhance our unique legacy of wild public lands waters and wildlife,” stated Gale. “Today’s announcement, however, reveals a willingness to jeopardize this legacy by unraveling the Clean Water Rule – a widely popular, publicly vetted approach to securing our nation’s wetlands and headwaters streams and providing greater certainty to farmers and ranchers.”

“From the prairie pothole region of the northern Great Plains on which migratory birds rely to the unspoiled headwaters streams and rivers that sustain wild trout and provide us with drinking water, we all have a stake in clean water,” Gale continued. “Our headwaters are largely found in pristine backcountry areas. They not only sustain fisheries; they also create healthy riparian areas critical to more than 80 percent of our wildlife, including numerous species of big game. Sportsmen will not stand for shortsighted, irresponsible attacks on fundamental conservation laws like the Clean Water Act.”

Released in 2015, the Clean Water Rule reflects a lengthy and comprehensive vetting process, including more than 1 million public comments.

Widely supported by citizens, sportsmen and outdoor-focused businesses, it represents a practical approach that addresses the needs of both industry and the general populace.

Today’s announcement not only unravels restored protections under the Clean Water Act; Trump’s executive order also directs the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to base future regulations on a minority opinion from former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia that precludes protection for 60 percent of U.S. streams and millions of acres of wetlands, jeopardizing fish and wildlife habitat and eroding opportunities for hunters and anglers nationwide.

An administration's decision to rely on a minority Supreme Court opinion in charting public policy is virtually unprecedented.

“We are at a time in history where we must make bold decisions, especially when they aren’t the easy decisions, if we are serious about conserving our nation’s natural resources,” Gale concluded. “If we fail, the best places will fall and, along with them, our outdoor heritage. We must redouble our commitment to ensuring that decisions are guided by science rather than emotion, conjecture or the whims of decision makers beholden to well-moneyed special interests.”

National sportsmen's groups jointly addressed the administration's decision. Read their response.

  • 13 thoughts on “Wetlands, Waterways Jeopardized Following Administration Decision

    1. Every time this BHA posts an opinion they show us a little more clearly that they are libatards and tree huggers. They would be better off to take their minnons and go someplace else to peddle their rants that do not mean anything to freedom loving Americans.

    2. Ever think, the people in the cabinet all took a big cut in pay to serve our country? Little different from the clowns we have had that come into the government with empty pockets, but go out millionaires!

    3. This is just one of many disasters that the new ruler will perpetrate upon this nation. So many people have been duped by his lies that the damage will be done before we can stop it. Then, all we can do is cry about it and clean up the mess. When was the last time that a billionaire acted in your best interests? He’s appointing billionaires to his cabinet, and he will get what he pays for (with our tax dollars).

      1. You must be kidding? Right? please name the billionaires in Trump’s cabinet? do you realize democrats hold more wealth than republicans, not that it matters,, except to show your hyprocisy,,,, but as previous posters stated , this was a land grab, power grab of the previous administration made right by the current administration

        1. I do not think that John in Houston knows enough about the EPA failures or the make up of the Democratic party. He is just suspicious of rich people and supposes that all Republicans are rich.

    4. This is just one of many disasters that the new ruler will perpetrate upon this nation. So many people have been duped by his lies that the damage will be done before we can stop it. Then, all we can do is cry about it, heal the sickened, and clean up the damage. When was the last time that a billionaire acted in your best interests? He’s appointing billionaires to his cabinet, and he will get what he pays for (with our tax dollars).

    5. The Clean Water Act was (delighted to be able to write “was”) a terrible overreach of the Federal government. I am glad it is gone.

      1. @James F. The Clean Water Act gone!? I do not think that the Clean Water Act has been repealed by Congress. What is gone is the Clean Water Rule that allowed the EPA to reach out to your land if you had so much as a puddle in your back yard. Then the EPA would require you to threaten you with a “thousands of dollars a day” fine if you did not do what they said. There are many cases of people improving the water quality by some project that the EPA should not have had jurisdiction over having to remove the improvements, and return the water to a poorer quality because the EPA said so.

    6. I enjoy when these liberal groups bring up the “millions” of comments received, yet they never read any of them (seriously, who could). There are already multiple levels of laws protecting rivers and waterways. Let common sense run for awhile and scale back these crazy regs.

    7. Total “sky is falling” garbage. Typical scare-mongering from the enviro-nazis that want everything held for them only. No mention of the effects of the regulations on private landowners or public rights, just “we have to do this to save the earth” crap.

    8. BHA is a liberal stooge that echo’s tree hugger ideals ignoring reality. BOHICA” we are from the government and were here to help you”. The same mentality that results in MILLIONS of dollars spent on bike paths so 5 people, the same five people, can ride around on a Saturday afternoon in the country side. Farmer s and other land owners will be happy to have one less regulation to harass and fine them for perceived criminal intent to destroy the planet. Can BHA tell me who was fined or imprisoned for the Colorado disaster caused by government geniuses when they breached the dam holding back mine waste and poisoning the river for hundred’s of miles?

    9. Rabble rousing does nothing but stir controversy. The places all mentioned are in fact covered. It’s the occasional puddle, or rainstorm runoff types of places that will not be. Get a life…

    10. Nonsense. Pres. Trump`s action will not hurt a thing. I grew up without the EPA. Life was good, hunting was great, fishing was great, and the family farms were hiring help . I`m curious just who started the panic. A Dem. operative, no doubt. But, gentlemen and ladies, this article shows how effective deceptions can be on well meaning groups of people. Now, before Trumps action, if a man finds a rare pigeon toed,cross eyed,hairless water rat with rabbit ears, that rides sidesaddle on a desert turtle in his back yard, the yard`s under Federal control. He can`t touch his back yard. You will have no support from me. In fact, I stand with our President, so far, on everything he has done, plans to do, and will do for the betterment of us all.

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