ATA Releases Videos for Explore Bowhunting, Retailers Benefit

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U.S.A.-( Five new videos from the Archery Trade Association explain how retailers and educators can teach Explore Bowhunting to increase archery and bowhunting participation in their communities.

Explore Bowhunting is a valuable educational program that helps instructors and program leaders teach students of all ages basic bowhunting skills. ATA created the program for schools, summer camps and community-based programs, and it’s offered primarily through state wildlife agencies.

The curriculum includes 23 lessons and hands-on activities that help students understand nature, and strengthen their appreciation for wildlife and the woods.

ATA members already have access to the curriculum, but these five training videos ensure archery-shop owners and community members can better implement the curriculum and hone their teaching skills.

“These videos explain how to complete Explore Bowhunting activities in retail-store environments in a quick-and-easy format,” said Emily Beach, ATA’s senior director of outreach and education. “The videos help instructors teach the program more effectively, which will promote our sport and recruit more archers and bowhunters.”

Beach encourages retailers to use the videos to help make Explore Bowhunting activities fit their store’s needs.

“Retailers can adapt any Explore Bowhunting activity to fit their schedules, the students’ skill levels, and the store’s teaching environment — whether it’s indoor, outdoor, a woodlot or parking lot,” Beach said. “They can also use their store’s inventory to demonstrate equipment needs, which promotes sales.”

The instructional videos show retailers and community members how to:

  1. teach bowhunting basics to customers;
  2. feel confident when teaching bowhunting activities;
  3. simplify bowhunting skills for archers;
  4. and open discussions about stalking, camouflage, shot placement, bowhunting practice and much more.

Retailers in states that offer Explore Bowhunting are encouraged to partner with their state wildlife agency to teach the course’s equipment section. Click here to contact the Explore Bowhunting coordinator in your state.

Visit ATA’s Explore Bowhunting webpage to watch the videos and learn more.

For more information about Explore Bowhunting, contact Beach at [email protected]

About the ATA

The Archery Trade Association is the organization for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives and others working in the archery and bowhunting industry. The ATA has served its members since 1953. It is dedicated to making the industry profitable by decreasing business overhead, reducing taxes and government regulation, and increasing participation in archery and bowhunting. The organization also owns and operates the ATA Trade Show, the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and longest-running trade show worldwide.