Bigfoot Gun Belts Hits 150,000 Facebook Followers

Bigfoot Gun Belts
Bigfoot Gun Belts
Bigfoot Gun Belts
Bigfoot Gun Belts

POST FALLS, Idaho -( Bigfoot Gun Belts has reached the incredible achievement of 150,000 Facebook followers.

Team member Jeff Eshelman is thrilled about this social media milestone.

“It’s great to see our community grow,” Eshelman said. “Reaching 150,000 Facebook fans is a massive achievement for Bigfoot Gun Belts.”

Bigfoot Gun Belts

Bigfoot Gun Belts are handcrafted with steel-reinforced English Bridle leather. The premium drum-dyed gun belts are designed to resist sag under the weight of a holstered firearm, tools, or various carry accessories.

The superior leather gun belts are gaining notoriety in the concealed carry world.

Bigfoot Gun Belts
Bigfoot Gun Belts

Out of the 176 reviews on Bigfoot Gun Belts Facebook page, 162 awarded a 5-star rating, giving the company an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Customers can choose from gun belt thickness options ranging from 14 ounces to 18-ounce leather depending on their gun size.

These American-made belts start at just $54.88.

About Bigfoot Gun Belts:

Nestled between the pines of North Idaho, Bigfoot Gun Belts is proud to call the Inland Northwest home. This privately owned and operated company produces only the highest quality gun belts at an affordable price.

For more information about Bigfoot Gun Belts, visit their website.

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Jim Macklin

I’d buy one IF they made a 1-3/4″ width. So far, 1-1/2″ is all they make.