Blue August Signs New Client Flint River Armory

Flint River Armory (FRA)
Flint River Armory (FRA)


Blue August

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -( Flint River Armory (FRA), designer and manufacturer of the innovative CSA45 pistol-caliber weapons system, has teamed up with Blue August LLC for Media and Public Relations needs.

Blue August will assist FRA in public relations efforts as well as editorial presence for the brand. Together, Blue August will help FRA raise brand awareness, as well as increase media coverage of products and company news.

“We are excited to be working with Flint River Armory,” says Josh Sykes of Blue August. “They have shown that they have a lot to offer in this industry, and we are honored to help spread the word about this company and their products.”

Based in North Alabama, FRA is a large-scale firearms design and manufacturing company. The principle members of the company each have long and successful careers in such disciplines as engineering, UAVs, aerospace, aviation, and manufacturing.

Three years ago, they redirected their focus toward building the most reliable, effective, and capable pistol-caliber weapons system. The result was the creation of the CSA45.

After four years of development, Flint River Armory is ready now for nationwide distribution and sales of its revolutionary .45ACP carbine, the CSA45. This is not just any PCC, nor is it a conversion of an existing carbine adapted to shoot a pistol caliber.

This a completely new PCC platform, purpose-designed for the .45 ACP. It is reliable, rugged, and extremely accurate. With its gas-piston operation and rotating bolt, there isn't anything else like it on the market.

“We are very excited to now be working with Blue August,” says John Heikkinen, COO/VP of Operations at Flint River Armory. “Because the CSA45 is so new and different, it's going to take a professional effort to share the unique qualities and revolutionary features of this PCC platform. And we are confident we've chosen the right PR firm to do this.”

For more information on Flint River Armory, visit their website.



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