Brownells Welcomes Flag-Saving “FedEx Guy” as NRA Show Special Guest

Brownells :


GRINNELL, Iowa -( Brownells proudly supports American patriots who wear uniforms of all types – sometimes even those who wear a package delivery uniform.

When footage of Matt Uhrin, an Iowa City-area package delivery man, appeared on national media showing him bravely saving an American flag from being burned by a group of protestors, Brownells knew they had to thank their fellow Iowan.

An NRA member and U.S. Army combat veteran, Mr. Uhrin, also known as the “FedEx Guy” will attend several events with the Brownells team at the upcoming 146th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Atlanta, GA.

These events include the open-to-the-public Brownells Social Media Meetup taking place in the Omni Hotel South Tower Lobby on Friday, April 28, at 6:30 PM. In addition to Mr. Uhrin’s presence, Brownells will host Eric & Chad from IraqVet8888, Mr. Guns ‘N Gear, LeaSpeed6, Janna Reeves, RapidFire Rachel and other industry social media personalities.

Mr. Uhrin will also be honored during a special presentation in the Brownells booth (#1713) at 1:45 PM (EDT) on Saturday, April 29.

“I am extremely excited and honored to be given this opportunity to go to 146th NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits with the great people from Brownells,” said Uhrin. “It is extremely humbling to be given an opportunity like this.”

“It’s a privilege to honor Matt at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits,” added Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “This annual gathering is not only a celebration of our Second Amendment and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, it’s also a place to acknowledge real people who do the right thing. I can’t think of a better place to thank Matt for his service to our country and the heroism he displayed while protecting our Nation’s flag and all it stands for.”

About Brownells:

Serious About Firearms Since 1939, Brownells is the world’s leading source for gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever.

For more information or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit their website. Stay up-to-date with Brownells on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Dave in Fairfax

Too bad the video isn’t available and the acct has been closed.
As for Gil, Don’t feed the trolls. Maybe, if they’re ignored for long enough, they’ll FOAD.

Ray H.

He is showing how we on the right feel frustrated and we are not going to take it anymore. There is a very real sense of ground swell uprising and I think the left is not going to like it.


Take what? See the flag is inviolable as Muslims see the Koran?

Heed the Call-up

No, we ceremoniously burn our flags when they become worn and old; they keep their Qur’ans, even though the beliefs and ideas in them are worn and old.

Wild Bill

@Gil, “Actually if were they own…” Too much alcohol tonight Gil Shill?

Rich in Mo.

I feel sorry for Gil, it’s obvious elementary school was long and hard for him.


Actually if were they own that U.S. flag then he’s a thief. You can’t people what they can and can’t do with their own private property.

R Harvey

I am proud to be an American
Thank you GOD
Thank you Brownells
Thank you FedEx Guy
Ray H.

R Harvey

Thank you NRA


Why? if you caught them trying to burn the flag you’d have pulled out your gun and threaten to shoot them. And if one called your bluff you’d shoot one and asked who wants to be next hero?

Wild Bill

@Gil, You are working over time for the VPC tonight and your imagination is working overtime, too. Ray Harvey did not imply any of those things. You just made it up and attempted to put words in his mouth. Most dishonest, shill.

Eric Harvey

I think we will start to see a underlying ground swell of frustration starting to surface from the right. I don’t think the left is going to like it.