CBD Files Suit to Challenge the Congressional Review Act


USA -(Ammoland.com)- On April 20, 2017, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) filed a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of the Congressional Review Act (CRA). The CRA gives Congress authority to review and nullify federal regulations with which Congress does not agree within a 60-day period after the rules are finalized.

CBD’s suit focuses on a component of the CRA that prohibits federal agencies from issuing rules that are “substantially the same” as regulations previously nullified by a congressional joint resolution. CBD claims that this prohibition interferes with the constitutional separation of powers between Congress and the executive branch.

The purpose of CBD’s suit is to invalidate House Joint Resolution 69 (H.J. 69), which was signed by the President on April 3. H.J. 69 nullified a regulation adopted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) at the end of the Obama administration that prohibited forms of hunting on all National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska.

SCI and its two Alaska chapters have long opposed the FWS regulations that were the subject of H.J. 69. In January 2017, just before the new Administration took office, SCI filed suit to challenge those hunting restrictions.

SCI’s suit also challenges similar National Park Service (NPS) regulations that prohibit forms of hunting on all National Preserves in Alaska and challenges regulations regarding hunting and access on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The State of Alaska also filed a similar suit as did the Alaska Professional Hunters Association and the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

SCI also worked hard to help win passage of H.J. 69 by both houses of Congress and its approval by the President. Adoption of H.J. 69 means that the FWS regulations are no longer in place and that SCI will not need to pursue litigation against those rules for now. As a result, SCI’s lawsuit can focus solely on invalidating the NPS and Kenai Refuge regulations.

Although CBD’s express purpose in challenging the CRA is to invalidate H.J. Res. 69 and reinstate the FWS Alaska regulations, their lawsuit has much broader implications. CBD has chosen to challenge the constitutionality of provisions of the Congressional Review Act.

If CBD is successful with its litigation, it is possible that its win would not only invalidate H.J. 69 (and reinstate the FWS Alaska regulations), but would also put at risk all the joint resolutions that Congress and the President have approved over the last few weeks that nullify other regulations adopted by the Obama Administration.

SCI will be looking closely at CBD’s challenge to the CRA to determine whether we should attempt to participate in the lawsuit to defend the CRA and H.J. 69. Continue to watch your SCI communications for updates on this new development in SCI’s efforts to protect hunting opportunities and scientific wildlife management in Alaska and throughout the U.S.

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Enviroweinies like gil, TS and Laurie Goodman are too out right ignorant to know that hunters and fisherman contribute MORE to conservation efforts than ANY of the enviro-nazis and other such idiots. Next , YES COngress passed the act nullifying the regulations and the PRESIDENT signed it; GUESS WHAT MORONS, The President is the HEAD of all those agencies which are parts of the executive branch and the President has a right to sign legislation over turning their out reach and banning them from once again instituting the idiocy.
GO learn so truth and facts about the world snowflakes.


Somebody let your flabby ass out of the kitchen again, you mendacious old witch. I am a hunter and a fisherman, and I do not approve of this Sh”t. It’s because of people like me who support environmental protection that you don’t live in a concrete toxic toilet, and your brats don’t breath poisonous air, so you should get down on your calloused knobbly knees and thank me. You are the real animal. Must you slaughter everything in sight because you can? You pathetic excuse for a human being.


And pre-Bellum America, especially the Southern parts, contributed the most to Black people around the world.

Laurie Goodman

I hope CBD wins. The kinds of hunting prohibited are unsportsmanlike and cruel.

Real man hunt only for animals they will eat and they hunt in a sportsman like manner where the animal has a chance.

Kid Glock

Who asked you? Get lost. creep.


How else are new Revolutionaries going to get a taste for blood so they can lay waste to all the others to make America great again?

Wild Bill

Gil is a person of few words…mostly VPC slogans.

Kid Glock

You moderate comments? Fucking pussies. There’s a lot of other gun websites out there.


Well said, Laurie. Too many cowards who take pleasure in killing. The world is full of decent people, but you won’t find many on this forum.

Wild Bill

Yes, Laurie, and Teen Snot is a manipulator that you should be aware of.


Aw what, you the supposed super-soldier should have no qualms about taking lives.

David C. Telliho

What is your malfunction ? I`ve seen a few of your comments, and My conclusion is that you are a “plant”. Trying to manifest some violent commentary. If your were to hang out with some gun enthusiasts, you would soon realize that these individuals prize their 2nd amend. . Which is an acknowledgement of a God given ‘right’. Not a ‘right’ granted by Government. Gun owners do their best to obey laws. Something our liberal friends don`t seem to be so concerned with. Of course rhetoric from those who would disarm us, inspires responses. Why shouldn`t it? That bother you… Read more »


Yeah right.

“We believe the 2A is about overthrowing the government. Please don’t assume we want to shoot politicians.”

Wild Bill

@Gil, I am retired. The duties of soldiers do not concern wild animals. You might be thinking of hunters. The article concerns none of these things or me. The article concerns Congressional review of agency made rules. Try to focus.

Wild Bill

Congress should not be giving agencies “rule making authority” in the first place. AND @Laurie, wouldn’t be wasteful to eat the meat and throw away the head and hide? You can’t eat the head and hide. Why do you presume that if a hunter keeps the head for a trophy, he throws away any other part of the animal? And as to cruel, it is less cruel to shoot an animal than be torn apart and eaten while still alive by wolves; or slowly starve to death; or die of chronic wasting disease; or die of injury or sepsis. Nature… Read more »