Democrats Turn to Bureaucrats to Stop Trump

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Department Of Labor
More than that, the president needs to fully drain the swamp – especially by getting rid of the mutineers at the Department of Labor.
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

USA – -( When Neil Gorsuch won long-overdue confirmation this month to serve on the United States Supreme Court, Republicans in turn won control of all three branches of the federal government – at least the three envisioned by our Founding Fathers – for the first time in a decade.

As a consequence, Democrats have pinned their hopes to stifle President Donald Trump's pro-growth agenda on the unprecedented insurrection of an unchecked, de facto branch of government: the bureaucratic state.

Now that Alexander Acosta is confirmed as secretary of labor, President Trump has a better ability to reign in the bureaucracy.

Through executive orders, President Trump immediately began cutting needless red tape draped across the federal government by his predecessor.

This led deliberately resistant entrenched civil servants to wage a campaign to subvert the administration's clear intention of deregulation.

Consider this: In February, the president ordered the Department of Labor – previously run by Tom Perez, who is now the chairman of the Democratic National Committee – to review and re-evaluate the implementation of the so-called fiduciary rule, a controversial Obama-era rule that would deny middle-class Americans access to sound investment advice.

The order's intention was clear-as-day. It aimed to indefinitely delay or outright kill this bad rule before it could hurt middle class American investors. Instead, Perez's faithful holdovers at the Department of Labor effectively expedited the rule with minimal changes. This was exactly the opposite of President Trump's instructions.

Now, the department will make the rule effective on June 9 2017, before completing the president's review, and argued that “the Fiduciary rule and Impartial Conduct Standards … are among the least controversial aspects of the rulemaking process.”

Nothing about this rule is uncontroversial. It would be the single largest government expansion over individual savings in four decades and the second-most expensive regulatory regime crafted in the last 12 years that doesn’t deal with environmental issues.

The rule changes the law to give the Department of Labor direct authority over individual retirement accounts, which are already regulated by the Securities and Exchange Committee, the federal agency responsible for protecting investors. For the first time, IRAs would be pulled into a complex Labor Department system created 43 years ago to regulate employee pension and health plans. Seizing control over IRAs by the Labor Department leads to bigger government, less competition, fewer jobs, and diminished savings for the American worker.

Disingenuously marketed as a way to raise the standards of advice provided to retirement investors, the rule would result in the “orphaning” of most ordinary American savers, left to seek advice on saving for their golden years from an online computer program using algorithms no investor would know about or understand.

The rule has received extensive criticism from those who've historically regulated the securities market. Acting SEC Chair Michal Piwowar called the rule a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rule,” adding that it was a “highly political” move that was “never about investor protection.”

President Trump and the Congress want the rule gone. Business wants the rule gone. Ordinary Americans want the rule gone.

But none of that matters to the bureaucratic state. They've lost the battle over the Supreme Court and the president's cabinet. More than anything, the swamp wants to win this battle. That's why it's so important that President Trump and Secretary Acosta implement the president’s instructions in a timely way.

President Trump’s first order wasn't enough to reign in Tom Perez's faithful deputies, and only now did Senate Democrats stop obstructing Acosta’s confirmation. So, the president and the secretary must work quickly to delay indefinitely or completely rescind the fiduciary rule under the secretary's statutory authority. More than that, the president needs to fully drain the swamp – especially by getting rid of the mutineers at the Department of Labor.

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  • 26 thoughts on “Democrats Turn to Bureaucrats to Stop Trump

    1. Blessings back at you Wild Bill and thanks for your stand for Liberty and the knowledge and spirit of understanding that founded and made this country great. Stand fast always!

    2. Amen and Amen Wild Bill!!! Yes fire the BATFE and the IRS oh yea, how about some kind of simple tax like the Lord had it and HAS it right and that is 10 percent. It’s easy for the libs to spend somebody else’s money. We can get rid of all those IRS spies into conservative groups, axe their fat cat jobs and make tax paying easy simple and FAIR. Everybody should pay something. This is near and dear to my heart. It gets rid of bureaucracy and makes it simple on us. By the way I don’t tithe, give ten percent to my church because of tax break. I tithe because it works as the Lord set it up but that’s another subject. It used to be that pastors got a break on their income tax as the USA was blessed to do this with Christian pastors then these foreign religions came in and set up ordinations so their whole family could get the breaks as well as their businesses and wrecked it all for the real pastors. Yes, there are good and bad in all walks of life and before I get comments about tax breaks, I have paid all taxes on my income just like everybody else and am glad that no one can throw it up to me. The only break the church really gets is no land tax on the church and the bureaucracy is working on doing away with that. I don’t care in one way because we have worked, fought, bled and died with our fellow patriots for this USA and am proud to do all that is right for Liberty. Again way to go Wild Bill we must do these rips to big government and get term limits for thes fatacrats. We the people are coming to trim the fat and throw it in the fire of freedom to worship, work and wield Liberty again. I am so inspired by you fellow patriots!!! Nice to hear old vet gouging Gil on his pitiful comment. Oh I love this freedom of speech and Ammoland’s using it.

      1. At the moment we have more people working for government than manufacturing. The reason is straight forward. Big government is political power, cronyism and corruption. Recall that Obama was trailing Hillary until he met with the government unions. The politicians vote ever larger government programs which hire more government union employees. These unions then promote politicians who vote for ever more generous wages and benefits. Breaking this cycle of corruption is the biggest task facing us.

        A good example is the background checks to purchase guns. The Blind ID System was proposed decades ago as a less intrusive method of performing this function that largely eliminates the issue with false positives. The problem with BIDS is that eliminates the need for 90% of the people administering the current system. Obviously, we cannot do that. Why can’t we?

        What we need to do is grow the government smaller; much like Estonia did. Much like the Obamacare debacle, we are rapidly reaching the point where we either grow the government smaller or we deal with the consequences.

    3. Overt socialism must be stopped….. Obama moles must be flushed out of the regulatory system so our government is allowed to function efficiently and more importantly effective!
      Now go do it! Employment at will has its place!!!

    4. While firing recalcitrant federal employees can be problematic, reassigning some fool to, say, Fort Wainwright just East of Fairbanks, Alaska or Minot, North Dakota is so much easier. You haven’t fired them. They still have a job. It’s just that it’s no longer in DC. I imagine that the president would only have to “reassign” a handful before the rest suddenly lose their enthusiasm for Prog-Lib causes.

    5. Gil made a post that popped up then disappeared about Pres. Trump using military etc, to make America great again. If you are talking tyrant, dictator, despot type What are you crying about, sounds like what you and your ilk would use no questions ask.

    6. Obviously Trump has to make the U.S. great again by becoming a dictator and using the military and militia forces (such aa deputizing all NRA gun owners types to refresh the Tree of Liberty. Trumps will finally give Conservative gun owners the legal right to take the country by force.

          1. That could be accomplished with a group of overexcited Cub Scouts! It wouldn’t need Militia Forces, unless in your fevered mind Cub Scouts are part of the Militia! 🙂

      1. Oh gil, did your mommy turn off your Wi-Fi and you miss playing World of Warcraft with your liberal scum non binary transgender anti-American shrills? Or maybe she won’t give a ride to.Starbucks to hang out with them

    7. All those bureaucrats belong to the executive branch. All SESs, GS-15s and GS-14s are entitled to two weeks notice, and that is all. Any reason or no reason is cause to fire them. Root out the Soetoro shadow government. Then repeal the NFA, the GCA, decommission the BATFE, and move on to term limits. Roll up your sleeves Mr. President.

      1. “Roll up yer sleeves” and start handing out the pink slips. Shouldn’t be that hard Wild Bill. Kinda like that weekend project you’ve been putting off. Hopefully, President Trump hasn’t forgotten why he was offered the opportunity to serve We the People ,already, like so many in DC have. I do think he’s done well this, arbitrary “milestone”, first one hundred days considering the “land mines” he has had to navigate.

        1. Even easier… the President orders all SESs, GS-15s, and GS-14 to carry their letter of resignation in their shirt pocket at all times. A legitimate order from the chief executive. Then every Friday night, order a passel of them to Washington, DC and accept their resignations on national TV. The public would love it.

      2. Term limits are already enshrined in our Constitution. They are called elections and are held on a regular basis. The REAL problem is most citizens can’t bother to get off of their collective fat azzes to bother to REGISTER to vote; much less cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

        1. Yes Sir, Clark, that’s exactly how the founding fathers designed our political apparatus. The good news is, as proven by the last election,that even BIG money, a biased and deranged main stream media, polling data and election “misconduct”, to mention a few, doesn’t always dictate the outcome. There is , optimistically speaking, some comfort and hope that the “process” does still function as intended.

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