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I’m well aware that when it comes to talking about what’s being heard on Armed American Radio, that I’m a biased source of information. As the host of the show, that should come as no surprise. However, it’s true! Take the 4-2-2017 “MonsterCast,” for example. Guests included Alan Gottlieb in his regular segment (as regular as they can be depending on individual schedules), moving quickly with me through a myriad of topics.

We tackled the growing concern within the pro-rights movement about a slowdown in funding from individual donors since the Trump victory. It’s dire for some, and we singled out the Crime Prevention Research Center founded by Dr. John R. Lott as evidence that folks need to help out. I hope you’ll heed the call to support organizations like the CPRC along with others such as the Second Amendment Foundation, whose work in our courtrooms is second to none. In fact, now is the time to be working even harder when we can laser focus on expanding and cementing our rights for decades to come rather than constantly fending off the attacks of “what’s his face’s” administration. Part of that is the SAF’s Black Robes Matter initiative to help put the proper pro-rights judges in place during the Trump administration. Visit and to lend your support when the ball is in our court!

Crime Research Prevention Center
Donate to the Crime Research Prevention Center

My regular contributor, political analyst and award-winning Breitbart News writer, the great Dr. AWR Hawkins did what he does every week. He brings his voice to his Breitbart stories and tells it like it is. Together we share a fun, informative, educational and entertaining on-air experience with the listener.

Dr. John Edeen made two national appearances yesterday, first on legendary Tom Gresham’s GunTalk then on the national AAR monster show to bring us up to speed on the efforts of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership.

During hour three, for the entire four segments, I brought another edition of what I call “legalese.” This week’s guest was attorney John Freeman from Freeman Law Group. Together we discussed the absolute necessities you must know to avoid unintentional legal trouble if you carry a firearm and, God forbid, have to use it.

Enjoy the program, and I’ll see you today, and every day, on Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters at 4-5p ET, 1-2p PT followed by the massive weekend program. For a station near you visit or download the USCCA Concealed Carry app on iTunes (Android coming soon) and catch every show on your phone, live and in color or to hear every past program.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the radio!

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