Donating Even $1 At Tax Time Helps Arizona’s Wildlife

Arizona Pronghorn
Arizona Pronghorn

Arizona Game and Fish Department

PHOENIX, Ariz. -( Tax filing deadline is around the corner and the Arizona Game and Fish Department encourages those last-minute filers to help support the state’s wildlife by “making a mark” on their state income tax form.

The Arizona Wildlife Fund is a voluntary program that allows Arizona taxpayers to make a donation specifically to help at-risk and endangered wildlife, including Sonoran pronghorn, black-footed ferrets, California condors, Apache trout and Mexican wolves, among other non-game species.

“The Arizona Game and Fish Department does not receive any general fund dollars, so any additional funding provided through the Arizona Wildlife Fund helps to support our efforts in managing and conserving some of the state’s most iconic native species,” says Josh Avey, AZGFD Terrestrial Wildlife Branch chief. “The fund supports only non-game species that are not hunted or fished, and the cumulative effect of even a dollar can have a tremendous impact on conserving one of Arizona’s greatest natural treasures – its wildlife.”

Since Arizona started the program more than 25 years ago, taxpayers have donated more than $5 million to the conservation of non-game wildlife. In previous years, donations averaged $25, but any amount helps Arizona’s wildlife.

The Arizona Wildlife Fund box can be found on line “64” of the state’s long income tax form, or line “33” of the short tax form.

Learn more about the conservation and reintroduction efforts the fund supports.

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