Far-Left ‘Charitable’ Foundations Give Millions to ‘Conservative’ Groups

By Paul Driessen

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg
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USA -(Ammoland.com)- More and more conservatives are proclaiming the virtues of clean energy. At least that’s what some groups want you to believe.

In reality, far-left “charitable” foundations have given pretend conservatives millions of dollars to advance a climate chaos, renewable energy agenda – channeling the funds through intermediary groups, to OxiClean the transactions and limit transparency and accountability.

The huge Green Profiteers Network has to be at least somewhat bipartisan to ensure continued mandates, renewable portfolio standards, production and investment tax credits, regulatory exemptions and other subsidies that have made Climate Crisis, Inc. a $1.5-trillion international business.

With global financial and insurance giants allying with that crowd and determined to procure some $93 trillion by 2030 to create a “de-carbonized” and “sustainable” world economy, the effort has intensified.

But now it must contend with President Donald Trump. His growing list of executive orders and regulatory reviews is rapidly reversing eight years of Obama “Clean Power Plan,” “social cost of carbon” and other regulatory decrees; laying the foundation for reversing EPA’s absurd finding that plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide “endangers” human health and welfare; and putting the United States in a position to lead the world back from the brink of Paris pact pandemonium and wealth redistribution.

Other countries will likely follow these energy and climate actions, says Cornwall Alliance ethicist Calvin Beisner, thereby “sparing their citizens from the crushing costs of pointless policies to mitigate global warming, by raising energy costs and prohibiting the most reliable, affordable forms of energy.” These actions are vital, because “the greatest threat to the environment is not affluence. It’s poverty.”

Radical environmental groups are nevertheless preparing to battle every Trump action in our courts, legislatures, newsrooms … and streets. Preparing to join all the prominent big-name groups is a host of like-minded, tax-exempt, pseudo-free-enterprise outfits, many operating under the umbrella of the Conservative Energy Network.

This 2016 creation includes Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, and environmentalist Christian Coalition of America, Citizens for Responsible Energy Reform – and Conservatives for Clean Energy (CCE), launched in 2014 as an “educational” and “charity” organization.

They all advocate the asserted need to “fundamentally transform” energy and economic systems, and switch from fossil fuels to “clean, renewable” energy, to save our civilization and planet from “dangerous man-made global warming, climate change and extreme weather.”

The other thing they seem to have in common is funding sources that enable them to be so visible and active.

Prominent among those funding sources is The Energy Foundation. It launched CCE with a $350,000 grant in 2014, gave $535,000 to the Christian Coalition in 2013 and sent $925,000 to the North Carolina Solar Energy Alliance since 2008, the Civitas Institute notes, citing tax filings and other sources.

Looming Enemy Climate Change
Looming Enemy Climate Change

Between 2007 and 2014, Civitas points out, TEF also gave $4,476,000 to the Southern Environmental Law Center, a litigation factory that uses questionable climate and ecological claims to drive lawsuits against energy and other development projects, raising energy costs, killing jobs, and hammering the budgets, health and well-being of poor, minority and working class families.

As a 2014 US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee report explained, a virtual who’s who of ultra-wealthy leftist foundations and their “Billionaires’ Club” of donors is the financial force behind The Energy Foundation.

TEF serves as a “pass-through” hub that helps donors make it seem that grant recipients have a more diversified base of support than they actually do; shields them from transparency and accountability; and at times hides contributions from donors that could raise serious “red” flags.

One such donor is the secretive Sea Change Foundation. Set up by billionaires Nat Simons and his wife, Sea Change has been exposed by multiple investigators as a shell corporation that funnels huge sums to radical anti-fracking and anti-fossil fuel activists from Vladimir Putin pals, giant Russian oil companies and investment groups, and more reputable sources like the Gates and Walmart Foundations.

The Energy Foundation received nearly $65 million from Sea Change between 1997 and 2015 – plus tens of millions more from the Hewlett, Packard, McKnight, MacArthur, Rockefeller, Pew, Bloomberg, Tomkat (Tom Steyer) and other foundations. All together, over 120 fat-cat foundations gave a whopping $534 million to the Energy Foundation between 1997 and 2015.

During the same period, The Energy Foundation gave over $1.2 billion to more than 12,000 activist and agitator groups, investigative journalist Ron Arnold discovered.

It’s a bit daunting to have this kind of money and power allied with green, urban and government elites against Blue Collar America and the fossil fuels that still supply 81 percent of the USA’s energy.

This is the cabal of “consumer” and “environmental” groups that “Conservatives” for “Clean” Energy has in its corner. With offices in North Carolina and Virginia, CCE is heavily involved in fossil fuel and renewable energy political activism.

It is closely allied with the NC Solar Energy Alliance, to extend government mandates, tax credits and other government assistance to a marginal electricity source that brings higher prices, lower reliability, and reduced ability of families, hospitals, schools and businesses to meet tight budgets, says Civitas.

It has also partnered with the SELC and other groups pursuing new strategies to bankrupt and close coal-fired electricity generation plants, by generating misplaced fear about coal ash impoundments.

Once public anxiety rose, activists demanded that the ash be dug up and moved “somewhere else,” regardless of the cost, which could be in the billions – and regardless of the fact that detected levels of chromium-6 (and other metals) do not pose health risks and come from natural rock formations, as well as from coal.

Keeping the ash where it is, and capping it with impermeable clay, is probably the best thing to do now.

But CCE then waded in with an opinion poll, which predictably found that North Carolinians want the ash moved but don’t want to pay for the removals, and support more wind and solar power. The groups are now poised to reprise the tactic in Virginia and other states with coal-fueled power generation.

TEF itself also weighed in, funding a study which predictably concluded that US renewable energy industries would “eventually” create 74,000 new jobs “from the ashes” of coal-related companies. Even if that were true, how many jobs would climate alarmism, chemical fear-mongering and costly renewable energy destroy in other sectors of our economy? Perhaps 740,000 or even 7,400,000?

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan alone could have imposed $1 trillion in lost output, 125,000 lost jobs and double-digit increases in electricity prices, the Wall Street Journal noted.

Obama Double Speak
Obama Double Speak

The combined impact of all Obama Era climate and renewable energy programs would have cost the American economy $3 trillion and 6.5 million industrial sector jobs by 2040, Senator John Barrasso stated, referring to a National Economic Research Associates study.

To top it off, “clean” energy is not clean, renewable or sustainable. It requires perpetual subsidies, taken from taxpayers and consumers, and given to politically connected crony corporatists. It needs vast land acreage – for wind turbines, solar panels, long transmission lines … and backup fossil fuel generating plants.

And all those facilities require enormous amounts of concrete, steel, copper, rare earth metals, fiberglass, fossil fuels and other non-renewable raw materials dug out of the ground, often in faraway lands that have few environmental, health or child labor standards.

Just imagine the tremendous good all those billions of dollars from all those “progressive” billionaires could do if – instead of lining the coffers of radical anti-energy agitator groups – they were devoted to actually helping poor families in the United States, other industrialized nations, and especially the most impoverished, energy-deprived, disease-ridden, malnourished countries on Earth?

That would be real, long overdue social and environmental justice. If wishes were horses ….


Paul Driessen
Paul Driessen

About Paul Driessen:

AmmoLand contributor, Paul Driessen, is a senior fellow with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, nonprofit public policy institutes that focus on energy, the environment, economic development and international affairs.

During a 25-year career that included staff tenures with the United States Senate, Department of the Interior and an energy trade association.

He has spoken and written frequently on energy and environmental policy, global climate change, corporate social responsibility and other topics along with authoring the book “Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death”.

Find my Book on Amazon:

  • Eco-Imperialism: Green Power Black Death : http://tiny.cc/f5diox
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Todd Tanner

Thanks, one & all, for sharing your thoughts – and my apologies for the double postings up above. I’ll offer a couple of points, and then I need to wrap up. First, I like to think that most Americans are smart enough to figure out when they’re being played. Paul Driessen is selling snake oil, and I suspect most of you will catch on before long. Second, there’s a reason that renewable energy is going to power the future. It’s cheaper, cleaner and more abundant, and as Americans, we can either lead on renewable energy and enjoy the economic benefits… Read more »


Sorry Todd…..heard all this BS you’ve been spewing before, as have so many others. The climate alarmist spiel just doesn’t fly anymore. Too many people have discovered just how crooked all these climate research studies have been. Manipulating data to reach conclusions that support a certain agenda. We’ve seen the same tactics used by Anti-gun goons, so we’re used to spotting BS. You’re not going to change many minds in this forum, so you are just wasting breath. Most of us are enjoying watching the new POTUS dismantle Obama’s wasteful and job killing green weenie regulations. The sky is not… Read more »


WOW, a left winger moron and green-wienie spews its load of idiocy , false claims and moronic ideas. How does it feel to be a low life troll and spammer.? Tesla ALSO gets GIANT loans and subsidies from the government and still cant make an auto that can travel for more than 300 miles without having to WAIT for several hours to “recharge”; It also uses batteries that contain “rare earths whose mining and refining process produce millions of tons of pollution and put money into the pockets of the chinese. Your “longer comment” is probably NOTHING but a long… Read more »

Todd Tanner

Sorry, but I don’t pay much attention to insults from folks I don’t know. Feel free to continue if it makes you feel better. As for the questions at hand: Are renewables like wind & solar as cheap or cheaper than fossil fuels? In many cases, yes. And while the costs for solar, wind, geothermal, etc. are dropping, that’s not typically the case for fossil fuels, which, of necessity, grow scarcer and more expensive as we continue to drill & mine. Long story short, there’s a reason that 61.5% of new electrical generating capacity in the U.S. came from renewable… Read more »

George Murphy

Losing the AMERICA that we love? That is what has been happening across the last several administrations that have grown the national debt and the size of the Federal Government with countless new agencies and regulations with a corresponding rapid loss of individual freedoms. The America that I love respects the Constitution and reveres it as the Law of the land. The progressive movement is the arch enemy of the freedom loving people of the United States. The division in our country has not been shone resolvable by any attempt to seek common ground by our law makers and the… Read more »

Todd Tanner

@Wild Bill – Sorry, I don’t speak, or read, Spanish. I don’t have a clue what Jorge wrote up above. As for Driessen, he doesn’t have anything to lose. He works for think tanks that exist to influence gullible Americans on issues like clean energy and climate change. I have no doubt that it’s his job to write stories like the one above. Which wouldn’t be an issue if he would stick to the truth. But sadly, he doesn’t. As for me, I’m a longtime hunter & angler. I live in rural Montana. I drive a pickup. I write about… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Nemo Tanner, Did you found Conservation Hawks?

Todd Tanner


Todd Tanner

By the way, I left a longer comment that is waiting for approval by the moderator.


What’s up Bill ?

Wild Bill

@Nemo Tanner, You know Jorge has been posting here a long time, and I kind of have to agree with him. There were an awful lot of emails between grant paid “global warming researchers” that got hacked and posted on the internet where the researchers talked about the climate not matching their models, so they needed to change the data to match their results. Then those same grant paid “researchers” changed the language from global warming to climate change.
Paul Driessen has a lot to lose by “BS”ing the readership here. Him I know, you I don’t.

Todd Tanner

This story is a complete and utter load of B.S. Anyone who studies the energy issue at length knows that climate change is a huge threat to America, and that renewable energy is cleaner, and oftentimes less expensive, than fossil fuels. Renewable energy also creates more good American jobs. Mr. Driessen is playing Ammoland readers for suckers, trying to prop up an industry with a shaky future by spreading “Fake News” about the competition. What’s next? Should we expect future posts in support of typewriters and the horse & buggy industry? Or will Mr. Driessen tell me that I should… Read more »

George Murphy

Show me ONE example wind or solar being less expensive. You are the one who is drinking the Cool Aid! At a point when any of these renewable energy technologies becomes economically viable, you will see private companies jump on board with both feet. If there is money to be made, private industry …. NOT the Federal Government will be the driving force of making the switch from fossil fuels to the new technologies…..until then you are the one full of BS.

Todd Tanner

There are tons of examples, George. I tried to leave a link for you to check out, but the comment got hung up and is awaiting moderation.

Todd Tanner

Rather than waiting for the moderator, copy the title below and do a web search. It should take you right to a Clean Technica story.

Low Costs of Solar Power & Wind Power Crush Coal, Crush Nuclear, & Beat Natural Gas

Todd Tanner

Or do a web search with this other headline below, which will take you to a piece in the Independent.

Solar and wind power cheaper than fossil fuels for the first time

George Murphy

Like i said Todd, When it is viable economically, you will see private industry flocking to make it happen. Get in your car and drive around and look…..occasional windmills, a bunch of solar panels but the overwhelming energy needs including the one that is most likely powering the pickup truck you mentioned are from fossil fuels. The windmills and solar panels were all built with Federal subsidies during the Obama “give away” programs. As for science, there are more scientists who are questioning the science you are talking about. That is to some degree ( probably a very large degree)… Read more »

Todd Tanner

George, private industry is already moving quickly to renewables. Since I can’t seem to share links, here are some recent headlines you can check easily using Google or another web browser:

Solar now employs more people in the US than coal and natural gas (Mining)

US solar power employs more people than oil, coal and gas combined, report shows (Independent)

There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US (Vox)

Todd Tanner

Oh, and two days ago, CNN ran a story titled: Tesla is worth more than Ford — and GM is in sight

The story, which was reported widely by other new outlets, shows that Tesla – the electric car company – is valued at $48 billion, while Ford is at $45 billion. Pretty wild stuff. You might want to pay attention.


and WHO writes Clean Technica? And WHO funds it?


Todd, you fail to account for the massive EPA regulatory burdens deliberately put onto coal, other fossil fuels since the kinyun took office. Don’t forget , HE is the one shut down gulf drilling, got his EPA to regulate coal into oblivion, subsidised Solyndra and company to obscene levels, which company “conveniently” folded, leaving WE TAXPAYERS holdiing a HUGE empty sack. Further, don’t give me any jove about electric cars.. look at what the kinyun’s EPA did to Volksvagen, trashed them as a company to take out the most viable diesel powered VERY fuel efficient cars, helping to pave the… Read more »


Another left winger snowflake and willing moron spews a load of idiocy and nonsense.
BACK to your green-wienie group.


you don’t get out much, do you? I’ve been studying this nonsense since the late 1960’s when “global freezing” was the imminent threat. And I was pretty close to some of the guys doing the research. Whatever happened to the ice age that was to be upon us within twenty years of then? Right… FACT the world’s oceans regulate CO2 in the atmosphere. Been going on since the earth was formed. CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas, NOR is it any sort of pollutant. Go and find out what one of the first things folks growing crops in controlled atmosphere… Read more »

Todd Tanner

So you wrote: “CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas.” I’ll tell you what. I’ll bet you my pickup truck that you’re wrong. Now I’m not wealthy, and it’s an old truck – 2000 Toyota Tundra – but it runs great and it’s in pretty decent shape. You’ll probably get another 100,000 miles out of it if I lose the bet. Or I’ll scrape together $10,000 if you’d like to make it a cash wager. Fair enough, right? You say that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas, while I say it is. Let’s both put our money where our mouths are.… Read more »

Todd Tanner

Okay, you wrote: “CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas.” Care to make a wager on that?

Todd Tanner

I’m happy to wager my truck, my guns, or pretty much any amount of cash that you’re up for.

Todd Tanner

Okay, you wrote: “CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas.” Care to make a wager on that?

JorgeNorberto Pedace