G2 Research Launches New Telos .357 Magnum Fragmenting Ammunition

G2 Research Telos Ammo
G2 Research Telos Ammo
G2 Research
G2 Research

WINDER, Ga. -(Ammoland.com)- G2 Research’s NEW Telos high-efficiency controlled fragmenting ammunition is now available in .357 Magnum. Stopping an attack quickly is an understatement!

The Telos .357 magnum bullet is CNC manufactured from a pure copper slug to create a huge internally segmented hollow-point bullet that on impact separates in a controlled reaction that releases six segmented copper fragments that spread over five (5) inches!

These fragments spread out causing pain, increasing fight-stopping bleeding, and creating near-instant shock. At the same time, the base of the bullet continues to travel forward for additional penetration (as if needed!).

This bullet is designed to stay inside the target where it releases all of its energy and reduces the danger of hitting innocent bystanders from a through and through shot.


Why Reduced Velocity?

The use of this lightweight, individually CNC machined, 105-grain pure copper bullet is designed to function perfectly at 1,300 fps, thus reducing muzzle flash and especially reducing recoil, making follow up shots (if necessary) quick and controllable.

G2 Research has designed all of its handgun rounds not to penetrate body armor. Most conventional ammunition will not penetrate, either, but G2 Research specifically designed the Telos .357 round not to do so in order to protect those (mostly law enforcement) wearing body armor.



  • Caliber: .357 Magnum
  • Bullet weight: 105 grains
  • Velocity: 1,300+ FPS (Maximum effectiveness velocity)
  • MSRP: $29.99 box of 20 (What is a defender’s life worth?)

You can buy G2 Research ammo products online at Brownells, ~ AmmoLand News


About G2 Research:

G2 Research specializes in the evolution of ammunition. Solid copper fracturing R.I.P. and RipOut, Maximum Expansion Trident & Cold Tracer V.I.P. Round.

For more information, please visit their website.

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“G2 Research has designed all of its handgun rounds not to penetrate body armor…”. I’m not sure I understand the logic of including this statement. Is G2 afraid that law enforcement will shoot themselves? Is G2 subtly suggesting that only their ammunition should be sold to the public so that, if we suddenly turn psychotic and start shooting at police, we won’t have ammunition that will penetrate bullet RESISTING vests? What about police or law abiding citizens who encounter criminals wearing bullet resisting vests? As to the claims of “…These fragments spread out causing pain, increasing fight-stopping bleeding, and creating… Read more »

Bob Shell

I am testing this ammo the 38 works ok but the 9 mm is under loaded & in some guns it did not cycle as a result. I notified the company & am not sure what they are doing about it. In Beretta did not cycle as a 95 grain @ 1100 just isn’t enough to cycle all guns . It may work in some so try in your 9 before carrying. I am going to publish my results here in the future. Hopefully they will get 9 in order their 223 works ok in my gun

Mr Wolf

As is needed.. Awh man that’s laughable. Every thing is needed. Especially w handguns