Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District Special Election ~ FAIL

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Jon Ossoff
Jon Ossoff
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

USA – -( Tuesday, after spending more than $8 million, the Democrats failed to win the special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

I had a personal interest in this vote since I represented the Sixth District in Congress for 20 years – however my daughter, Jackie Cushman, likes to note for historical accuracy that the district was originally south and west of Atlanta and was gerrymandered by the Georgia Democrats into the northern suburbs for the 1992 election.

That effort backfired spectacularly and cost the Democrats four congressional seats as every part of my old district elected a Republican.

When I left Congress now-Senator Johnny Isakson won the seat. After Johnny joined the Senate, Dr. Tom Price, then a state senator, became Georgia’s Sixth District representative. Dr. Price resigned when he became Secretary of Health and Human Services, leaving the seat open to a special election.

For the Democrats, this was a high value target.

In the recent Kansas special election for Congressman Mike Pompeo's seat (he became the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) the Democrats did not believe they had a chance to win until the last two weeks, as they poured in money, got their hopes up, and lost.

Georgia was different. Because Atlanta is such a big media and transportation hub, liberals nationally are fixated on Georgia and always believe it is about to go Democrat. Michelle Nunn in the 2014 election was the most recent example. Throughout the campaign, the news media and many Democrats felt she could win. On November 4, 2014 Georgians voted and she lost.

This week, Jon Ossoff looked like an attractive young liberal who could win the Sixth District. He raised more than $8 million for a House race. He was on the cover of New York Magazine. He became the great liberal hope. Left-wing anger at Trump generated donations from everywhere.

In fact, 95 percent of his campaign money came from outside Georgia.

With this resource base and thousands of highly motivated anti-Trump volunteers, Ossoff mobilized an impressive turnout for a special election. He got 92,390 votes. That represented 48.1 percent of the total vote. It was enough to lead but not enough to win.

There were 11 Republicans in the race – with 18 candidates total – and they were all splitting the vote and attacking one another.

A few weeks ago, the average Republican voter was complacent and confused. With 11 candidates to choose from many felt like staying home and waiting for the run off.

Then it became clear that if Republicans stayed home there would not be a run off.

The battle cry became, “vote for someone, but make sure you vote.”

The race was close enough that President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary Price (who had won the district by 23 points last year) all made robocalls. Voters were bombarded with vote messages.

Republicans staved off defeat – but by a surprisingly narrow margin.

Now Democrats must decide if they want to pour another $8 million into the runoff in June.

Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel came in second with 19.8 percent of the vote. She starts out more than 54,000 votes behind Ossoff. But she is the Republican nominee, and every element of the GOP will rally to elect her.

Republicans dodged a bullet yesterday.

The Democrats have now spent a lot of money to almost win two special elections. “Almost” doesn’t win elections.

President Trump will continue to focus on his agenda and a failed $8 million campaign in Georgia is not going to stop it. This is the meaning of yesterday's special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

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  • 17 thoughts on “Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District Special Election ~ FAIL

    1. I wonder how many non-resident voters they has as well. The election frauds committed by Dems aren’t just by illegal immigrants, but also by legal citizens illegally registered in more than one location. The Dems have encouraged the liberal “snow birds” with vacation homes down south to vote at home and any other places they have houses, some of that being by absentee ballot and others by actually traveling and voting in more than one place. There’s still not enough done to prevent this kind of voter fraud. It needs to be controlled better than the liberals want to control gun purchases. There should be a national database to prevent anyone from registering in more than one place and to make sure they are legal to vote where they do vote. There’s still the matter of when someone impersonates a legal voter and prevents that voter from legally voting. A friend of my niece went to the polls to vote and they wouldn’t let her because someone had already illegally voted under her name, or at least that’s what they told her.

    2. If I lived in Georgia I would be livid having a non resident (i.e. $$) dictate who would represent me in D.C. Non resident sources/resources to fund the election of/for any office should be illegal!!

    3. Trying to discredit certain people by calling them “communist” or “Anti-American”. Couldn’t they use a more intellectual approach than that?

      1. Comrade, the “Manifesto”, states “if the shoe fits, wear it!”

        Or, the good of the policians, exceeds the good of the citizenry!

    4. Anyone but me notice the distinct similarity in appearance of Ossoff to that guy on “Big Bang Theory”?
      This guy is just another snowflake who will do the every bidding of the Libs if elected. Looking like a “preppy”
      doesn’t keep you from being a danger to the populace.

    5. Liberal/progressive/socialist/communists still losing all over the country. By the grace of God, Americans are surviving George Soros and his minions.

      1. My friend, it was announced yesterday that there may well be another SCOTUS Justice retiring in June. Keeping our fingers crossed and praying that it’s the Infamous RBG, this could be what Conservatives have been praying for, for more than 70 years, a majority Conservative Court that will rule on RKBA cases.

    6. Does this Ossoff guy always have that confused look on his face?

      The Dems, Am-Coms (American Communists), seem to vote out of sympathy, more than from a true evaluation of their candidates ideals and knowledge of Constitutional Law

      1. Confused? He looks like the typical “snowflake” living in momma’s basement just before he got a job running unqualified for an elected office. On weekends he wears a mask and firebombs “free speech” advocates who actually support free speech for everyone. That’s not a look of confusion. It’s the same look Hillary had about 7pm on voting night: cocky with a touch coquettish for the LGBQTERYGHDFSMBSPAGL crowd.

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